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Surf Report, Rapture Camp,Ericeira,Portugal

A creepy mist covered the beach this morning, giving it more of a Harry Potter touch rather than an endless summer feel. When we first paddled out there wasn’t much swimming about other than a discarded Styrofoam box full of fish scales. The mist hid some smooth and friendly 1-2 feet waves that the crew were frothing on. Daniel and Chris were taking full advantage of the conditions. Daniel got one of the best waves of his trip featuring a nice takeoff.

The girls of the camp were determined to show the boys up. Both of the Kirstens couldn’t wipe the smiles from their faces as they picked up wave after wave. Marrion was feeling the cold but didn’t leave until she grabbed some fun rides.

The Danish boys didn’t scramble into the water until late as they were kept in bed by hangovers, the result of a big night in town.

When the mist cleared it revealed crystal blue water resembling rippled glass perfectly moulded by its creator. The rapture boys enjoyed a fun afternoon session at backdoor. Pricey faded Andi on a pearler which gave Andi a pissed of expression and a nice fin cut to the back of the heal, resulting in four stitches.

With the exception of Andi’s hospital run it was a great morning in the water.

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