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Surf school and surf camp daily surf report for Bali

Great day here on the Bukit today. Awoke at 7 to a lovely fresh fruit salad and to top it off a thick pancake with Lime and Sugar. ooohh and a hot tea.

Then Headed off to Balangan for the fulltide swell on my fish twinny. All the surfers followed me there ,ehehehhe all beginners headed to padang padang and the intermediates to Balangan , the surf was clean offshore for most of the day with a nice 1mtre swell rolling in consistantly. Dreamland was the late arvo session for some and for others we ventured up the coast to a little secret spot we like to call ……………. , 4 guys out wonderful solid 1.5mtres and constant and pretty clean , great direction and fun for all.

The surf in bali this week looks constant around 1mtre and no wind. So we will keep you posted on how great it is here and how much your missing out on. But we can can always fit you in somewhere here and your all welcome and we would love to meet you and surf with you , in our stress free chilled out surf spots.

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