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Surfcamp bali daily surf report!

Ahhh up early and out there at 5.30 just as the sun hits the horizon , lovely to see once my eyes came unstuck . We headed out to Padang Padang this morning as the swell had dropped off and we thought the wind had to , but it was still onshore on this side of the bukit and as the tides were not so big we didnt have to many options to venture over to Nusa dua. After our session we checked out Dreamland as the tide was low but no swell so we voted on a day spa , massages , facials , foot spa’s , hot rocks jobs pretty much the works. Great day to relax after an early morning session. To relaxed to surf again we just hung about and drank some beers watching the sunset.

3 others decided to do the Bike Baik trip in Ubud , cycling around the countryside the best way to see Ubud. The surf camp bali surfed serangan yesterday and for some it was just to big and the tides were just to low , so some surfed and after that we searched for for other spots but they all just seemed blown out. We headed back early to go to Rolands BBQ In Balangan and watch the sunset from his high treehouse style resturant, great food and dirt cheap.

So till tomorrow the surf seems to be staying small for the next days so will give us loads of options to venture out and see loads of Bali’s other surf breaks.

Bali surfing

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