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Australian pro surfer helps keep Uluwatu clean. Just over a year ago I posted about Eco Surf Rescue Uluwatu (ESRU), an organization that is dedicated to maintaining Bali’s iconic surf break and strives to keep Uluwatu clean and beautiful for surfers and other visitors alike. In this still-underdeveloped location, it’s especially important to be careful … Read More

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Last fall I posted about surfing dogs, who now even have their own competitions in places like Huntington Beach, California. Late last year a surfing goat started grabbing a few headlines – not that many, but it’s a surfing goat, you see, not a real news story like who won American Idol or the girl … Read More

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Australia’s beaches are eroding, some having completely disappeared. Kingscliff Beach, the location of one of the country’s oldest surf clubs and famous for its stretch of golden sand, is but a shadow of its former self. Several east coast beaches around the town of Noosa, on Queensland’s Gold Coast, have lost up to 45 meters … Read More

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Away from the thumping beats and flowing alcohol of Kuta there is a thriving and fascinating culture to experience on the island of Bali. As I’m a bit lazy, I’m going to quote a couple of respected news sources and let the ‘liberal media’ do the talking. A Reuters article entitled ‘48 hours in Bali’ … Read More

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In the coming years expect visitors to Bali to be younger and more Russian, but don’t worry, there will continue to be an influx of European students pretending to be poor people who just happen to be on an exotic backpacking holiday. Oh come on, you know who you are! Here are a few snippets … Read More

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As the sport of surfing grows, so does its environmental impact. Surfing equipment made of non-biodegradable materials such as synthetic resin surfboards, neoprene wetsuits and petroleum-based surf wax are just some of the products used by surfers that can have a negative ecological footprint. Environmentally conscious surfing companies such as Envirosurfer are attempting to address … Read More

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