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As the sport of surfing grows, so does its environmental impact. Surfing equipment made of non-biodegradable materials such as synthetic resin surfboards, neoprene wetsuits and petroleum-based surf wax are just some of the products used by surfers that can have a negative ecological footprint. Environmentally conscious surfing companies such as Envirosurfer are attempting to address … Read More

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The Brazilian edition of recently published a list of ’10 destinations with ideal waves’ for those wishing to learn how to surf. Among top surf spots for learning how to surf, they picked Bali. Though it’s known more for it’s professional-level, big wave surfing, Bali is also a great place for beginner surfers. Here … Read More

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Today the camp awoke to RAIN! There was a heavy pour down this morning at breakfast and it was wonderful! There was first a mad rush to get all the blinds down and cushions out of the rain but then we soaked it up! It’s been so long since it’s rained and all grass and … Read More

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