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Surfcamp in Bali, surf report for the 7th April 2009

Great day of surfing today in Balagan today had by all. The more experienced surfers headed out to Nyang Nyang for the early and found it seemed to be crowded with about 20 guys on it , which is alot for that little secret spot. The beginners surfed high tide in balangan in the morning and late sunset session. After a full day of relaxing under the grass balinese huts on the beach we surfed a late sunset session with the whole camp , small but fun clean waves to be had by all. Not crowded and plenty of waves around even if they were only 2ft.

The surf in bali has been quiet small for the week and seems to be staying that way for sometime.

Uluwatu has been small and crowded as it gets most of the swell so most of the surfers in bali have been going there and the crowds have been somewhat like the peak season , but without the wave sizes. Loads of small waves around so everyone has still had loads of waves and fun.

So till tommorrow keep surfing and get your Rapture surfcamp booking for bali in soon.

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