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Surfing Bali News

Surf In bali today

Small and slightly crowded for the beginners this morning at Padang Padang , onshore a little for most of the day , we surfed here from 8 till 4 then headed to dreamland for the late arvo session. Not great but fun as there was only our camp clients out as it was small and windy but still fun long rides when they came. All stoked as it was a great day for beginners.

The intermediates surfed Uluwatu for the early which was great till the wind came up and people from all over started to move in and crowd the area. We decided to surf our secret spot which is protected from the wind and gets more swell. Solid 1mtr and not a soul out , we surfed till dark and scrambeled over the rocks home , but all worth it to surf good clean waves with no one but our friends out.

Surfing in bali for the next days seems to be staying around the 1mtre mark for a few days then maybe a slight increase in size for wednesday.

Lets see what happens. We might do a mid week trip to medewi , to see some differnt sites of bali and surf some longer waves.
All of August is booked up but we still have room left for September so get booked in for great waves , good vibes and friendly people @ rapture surf camp bali.

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