SW Swell Hits Ericerira - Daily Surf Blog Portugal

Today when we woke up after a bit of a big night out, we saw that the swell has dramatically risen since yesterday. For a change there were swells hitting the beach from the south, not the most common sight in summer, normally they are from the North. This South Westerly swell was hitting the sand bank on the point at Foz do Lizandro perfectly. There were long lefts coming through from the corner, running all the way down the beach. Groomed by a light offshore this morning, it looked fantastic.
Coxos was also great today, the south swell was hitting a little bit strangely but the inside was standing up perfectly. Pedra Branca this morning was also great for the dawn surf, and prob will be good tonight too.
Early start tomorrow, searching for something on this dying swell, its Brendan`s Birthday tomorrow, praying for barrels.


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