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The cleanest swell ive ever seen

Well still small , but balinese perfection offshore clean and really beautiful. The swell is on the rise over the next days , lest hope it stays the same with clean offshore winds. The beginners surfed Balangan all day , they loved it couldnt have been any better 2-3ft and low on the crowds …nnnniiiiiccceeee.

The wannabe pro’s surfed Uluwatu temples at 8 and then headed back for a mid arvo snooze , then off to our little secret spot where there seemed to be a few more guys our than usual , im guessing people are searching all over looking for waves and they find alot of secret spots , but still loads of waves around even if there small. The bali surf camp has seen some small cons but the surf in bali will return soon.

Looking promising for this next week.

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