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The Early Bird Surf trek. Bali surf camps

Up and at them , we hit the waves real early today at Old Man near Canggu. Great solid 1mtr waves with the first 2 hrs uncrowded and then as 8 came the surf schools and surf camps poured out of there villas and rooms to just destroy such a peaceful morning of clean swell no wind with just a great atmosphere. So we ate our breaky at the warung and watched the hussel and bussel of millions of surfers fighting for the waves.

After an hour more than half left the water and it became calm again , but the wind came up slightly with an onshore breeze blowing for the rest of the day. We surfed again for another 2 hrs and then headed back to Bukit for some peace and quiet in our lovely camp garden.

AAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh a hard days surfing thats what its all about. We timed it great this morning thanks to Teko and Chucks local knowledge.

Surf school bali

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