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The Surf in Ericeira - 24.04.2009

The last few days the surf has been really really good. The beach break at Foz do Lizandro, has had some excellent sand banks, both at high and low tide. Lefts and rights, split across 2 peaks, the swell has stayed around head high for the past few days, and the wind has been perfect too. Unfortunately this has drawn a crowd as well, often up to 10 locals and another 10 guys from the contest site down at Estoril. But its been worth it. This all ended today, this morning the wind was strong and the conditions unfavorable for surfing. It was still ok for the beginners in the white water though. Come this afternoon the swell had risen by a few feet, and is set to rise with the continuing strong winds that are forecast.

Check out our really nice beach front surfcamp.

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