Unbelieveable uncrowded Uluwatu at 4ft all day. Bali surf accommodation

Sorry for no report yesterday but the waves have been so good and so uncrowded its weird , so we took advantage of it and surfed as long as we could. Heheheh

So tired , but i must push on and do this blogg it must get out there. Today was great , we hit it straight on at 6am as the tides were mid early and mid late arvo and thats the best tides for all sections of Uluwatu to be working , both barrel and carve sections. The beginners surfed early aswell in Padang Padang right and shooki our japanese client surfed all day with only a 5 min coke break. He is hooked on surfing and nothing stops him. Funny guy to have around in the camp.

The surf in the late arvo was pretty low so we headed back to the camp for a cool off and some relaxing time away from the beach. Ramona our surf guide gave some clients yoga lessons while others watched on either by sleeping hanging off the couches or a little bit of reading.

The surf in bali over the next days seems to be dropping alot tomorrow to about 1.4mtres @ 15 sec with low winds of around 8 knots. Friday seems to be picking up to around 2.5mtres and will slowly rise till next week to around 3.1 mtres so should be siccccc for huge waves in Padang Padang left. Our beginners will do our little boat trip in Jimbaran to toro toro for little swells. So get hyped and book your trip for the surf experience of a lifetime one you’ll never forget. www.rapturecamps.com.

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