Uncrowded Waves at Backdoor - Ericeira Daily Blog

This morning the wind unexpected was no existent. After yesterdays early start only to find that the swell was still small and the wind strong from the north, we thought that the forecasts had been playing tricks on us. This morning was a different story, glass and perfect.
The sand banks at Foz do Lizandro are still not great, lots of crumbly waves and some close outs at low tide. But great for the first timers and the guys who are still in the white water, actually some of the best beginners waves we have had here all season. Strong white water and some really long rides over the sand bank.
This afternoon we went back to Backdoor. Looking over at Reef there were some heaving barrels coming through, though very few makeable ones. We surfed Backdoor on our own, really fun, a good size and plenty of waves. No waiting at all. Riberia and Coxos also looked good, but the uncrowded waves at Backdoor were just what we needed.


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