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We drove

Searching all day to find some decent waves as the bukit was quiet small. Padang Padang our local break was pretty much flat half a mtre waves not worth surfing even for our beginners , so we took a little day trip and searched for something worth surfing. We headed for airport rights , found out from the boat man that it was crowded and small to. We drove for another 20 mins and hit the beach breaks of 66 in smeinyak and even that looked bigger than the bukit around 2 to 3 ft and didnt seem to busy which was great. We havent surfed in this area for sometime so it was great to have a change. Decent waves and plenty of them for all to enjoy , alot of fun and then a little cruise in town for some lunchtime shopping then back out to surf before the tides got to low.

Uluwatu was 2 ft crowded and seemed onshore for most of the day Vincent and 4 others from the camp headed there at 6 and found long rides but small. We then decided to look at our little secret spot near there and to our amazement it was a little bigger but clean and only 2 guys out. the tide was on the push so we hit it up and surfed it for 3 hours and it was great , no barrels but sic long rights and no crowds. NICE.

The surf in bali seems to be dropping tomorrow and then theres a little pulse it says 3.1 mtres but im sure it will only get to 4 maybe 5 ft as the swell direction has already changed and seems to be working better on the Nusa dua side.

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