Yoga was the way we woke up this morning , after a nice fresh sleep last night while the rain came down and cooled us off. Ramona our surf guide started off with a slow yoga session for about 45mins , we then ate breakfast and headed down to Balagan just before the tide got to low.

Some great rides even though it was slightly small. Mike seemed to get the best rides with his 5’10 plastic fantastic fish board. After that we headed back to the camp for lunch and an afternoon sleep, 4 we were in Uluwatu surfing the best of bali.

The predicted surf in bali tomorrow is suppose to rise to 2 mtres but it looked as though it was dropping late this afternoon , so maybe no big swell for tomorrow. The bali surf camp will be opening all year round this year due to high demand. hihihihihi so book when ever you like im sure you can fit you in somewhere.

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