Yoga this Morning At Foz do Lizandro - Daily Surf Blog

This morning the swell has dropped off considerably. Last night we had a surf after dinner at Foz do Lizandro, and it was probably around shoulder high, this morning its waist high on the sets. At least its nice and glassy, everyone is the house was up early for a surf across the road at Foz before breakfast, making the most of the last day of nice conditions. It was perfect for the beginners at 7, nice small green waves for those that are ready to try their first one, or practice what they have learned during the week. For the better surfers, still some fun waves good little lefts and some right. More fun on a long board though.
This morning after breakfast we had Yoga. The perfect way to fill in a few hours after breakfast, and an excellent compliment for surfing. Today it was a relaxation set, breathing techniques to expend our lungs, stretching and meditation, and of course the part that everyone loves, the gong session at the end.
Tomorrow the wind is meant to come up, from the north and hang around all week. Looks pretty poor on the forecast, but im sure we will find something fun to surf.


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