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To live and surf great waves for the rest of their lives. That is the dream of all surfers.

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During the winter of 2003/2004 two very different people met whilst on holiday in North Africa. They had one thing in common — a love of surfing. Not just the sport, but the lifestyle; the travel and adventure involved in the search for new places to surf in far off countries while experiencing diverse cultures.

One came from Australia, a stronghold of modern surfing. He was born and bred with the ocean on his doorstep and started surfing at a very young age, competing in contests and eventually becoming one of Sydney´s top surf photographers. Later, one of Portugal’s most respected big wave water photographers.

The other hailed from Austria, a country landlocked on all sides. Without the ocean nearby, from an early age his afternoons and weekends were spent snowboarding in the winter. And, of course wakeboarding in the summer. It was not until later in life that he was blessed with a love of surfing — the same love that consumes so many of us. He pursued his new passion at every opportunity.

The Camps of Rapture — A Network of Surf Camps

Each an entrepreneur in his own right, a chance meeting while surfing and traveling in Morocco resulted in the two putting their heads together in order to find a way to pursue their dreams. To surf great waves for the rest of their lives, the dream of all surfers. And so Rapturecamps were born.

Morocco — A Fun Place To Be

Armed with a combination of Internet know-how and business savvy, they met in Morocco at the end of the following summer. They packed a van with 6 months’ worth of supplies and headed south. The first camp was set up in a large house in a quiet and peaceful location close to the famous, bustling village of Taghazout. In a village named Tamraght they met Fatiha and Youssef (both still working at the camp), who played major roles in helping to establish the camp’s stronghold there.

The founders of Rapturecamps’ plan was simple: set up surf camps that are safe and easy to get to, located in exotic countries, and affordable for everyone. This would in turn give them the opportunity to surf more often while living in beautiful countries around the world.

What sets the Rapturecamps founders apart from other entrepreneurs is that money was never the goal. Rather a belief in achieving a happy lifestyle. And it was their love of surfing that propelled them.

Surf Camps in Bali and Portugal

After that first season in Morocco (2004/2005) the pair journeyed to Bali and Portugal, starting two more camps: one at Padang Padang on the east coast of Bali’s legendary Bukit Peninsula. The other at Ericeira, Europe’s first and only World Surfing Reserve.

Rapturecamps’ founders have had a lot of help along the way and we will never forget this. We would like to thank our friends and family from Australia and Austria who have assisted us in whatever way they could. Also, all the others that we have met along the way. Big thanks to those who have helped (and still do) with the management of the camps. Also with sourcing vehicles, and of course teaching surf lessons.

Hopefully after reading this you will see Rapturecamps the way that we see it: as the homes of these two friends and not just another surf camp.

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