When is the best time for surfing in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a tropical paradise with an eternal summer that boasts over 300 sunny days annually. There’s not only plenty of spots to suit all abilities. But also the water is about 27˚C year-round making a wetsuit obsolete during the whole year. And since there are no crowds on our beach, you can enjoy taking a break between surf sessions. Moreover, resting peacefully under a palm tree, perhaps with a refreshing beverage in hand, can be another option!

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What to know about planning a surf holiday in Costa Rica

The water temperature calls for boardshorts or a bikini, however, we recommend some form of sun protection for your upper body, such as a rash vest or t-shirt. Booties may also be worn if you plan on surfing a reef or rock break and sunscreen should be applied to protect you from sunburn.

We suggest 50+ waterproof sunscreen from an eco-friendly brand. We also strongly suggest you use zinc on your face. Zinc can be purchased online or at our camps. It is a complete sunblock and is the only thing that will protect you for extended periods of time in the water, as normal sunscreen does have a tendency to wash off when you are in the water for more than an hour.

In regards to entry to Costa Rica, visitors from most countries can get a 90-day tourist visa on arrival. At entry, you might be asked to show an onward or return ticket, so we suggest you check your country’s exact visa requirements before you travel. This information can generally be found on the Costa Rican government website or on your country’s own government website travel section.

High-quality surf for every level and plenty of adventurous activities

Hidden gems such as Playa Langosta, Playa Grande and Witches Rock are all located only a short drive from camp. We also offer shuttle services and bike rentals if you want to explore the other surf spots in the area.

Tamarindo is famous for being the party capital of the Guanacaste region. In case you are in need of a major post-surfing fiesta, we can organize transport to take you there. This is only a 20-minute trip and is the best option if you intend on having a few drinks.

There are plenty of activities in the area beyond surfing to occupy the light and dark hours of the day. Whether you enjoy hikes in nature and swimming under secluded waterfalls or exploring the ocean floor, or you prefer the peace and quiet of the jungle or the hustle and bustle of a resort town, Playa Avellanas and Tamarindo have got you covered.

Enjoy Pura Vida at its best in our Surf Camp at Playa Avellanas

No matter if you have stood on a board once or twice before, surf the world constantly or you want to experience the feeling of riding a wave for the first time, our local surf guides know every break. This means they can take you to the best wave for your skill level and make sure you score the perfect conditions for that day. Not only will they show you how to successfully pop up on the board, but they’ll also help you progress from whitewater to green waves and enhance your existing skills so you go from riding to ripping. Of course, we also have boards of all shapes, sizes and abilities you can rent at our school.

The camp is located just 20-minutes driving from Tamarindo, Costa Rica‘s party epicenter, yet the location is secluded in the middle of the jungle on a pristine white sand beach. It consists of a spacious modern house with a common area, a bar and a terrace which leads to a tropical garden.

The rooms have big windows, air conditioning and mosquito nets. You can relax in the common area post surfing or get a cool beer at our fully-stocked bar. While in the garden you can lay in a hammock and keep company to our resident sloths or show the monkeys and iguanas what’s possible on a slackline.

Treat yourself with delicious food and an unforgettable surfing holiday

From shared 6-bed bunkrooms to large double rooms for couples with private balconies, we have accommodation types to suit all needs and budgets. The full bar mixes cooling refreshments all day and the ingredients for the meals are prepared fresh in the kitchen by experienced local camp chefs.

Of course, it’s the waves that make people come and return year after year. So do yourself a favor and visit our Rapture Surfcamp in Costa Rica today. You’ll score epic waves, eat amazing food, get back in touch with nature and learn all about the beautiful culture. Book a visit with your friends and family and experience Costa Rica with Rapturecamps.

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