If you are after flawless waves with right-hand points, look no further! Our Surfcamp in Morocco is the place for you to have the surf trip of your life for your next holiday.

Filled with an amazing culture and traditions, our surf camp in Morocco is located in both historical places you can visit the typical northern African timeless villages but also spend your time focusing on improving your surfing and Yoga skills. This particular area (Taghazout and Tamraght – where we have our surfcamp in Morocco) have been attracting surfers and yogis from all over the world since the ’60s, and it has since become almost a pilgrimage place for those perfect, lined-up, grinding right-handers,

When is the best time for surfing in Morocco?

Morocco is a northern African tropical paradise with an eternal summer that boasts over 300 sunny days annually. There’s not only plenty of spots to suit all abilities but the water is between 16˚C and 23˚C year-round, so we advise you to wear a 3/2mm wetsuit. The best time to come and surf the best swells in Morocco would be between September/October to March. You will find consistent swells, relatively warm water and warm air temperatures. And since there are almost no crowds on our beach, you can enjoy taking a break between surf sessions and resting peacefully under a palm tree, perhaps with a refreshing beverage in hand, too.

Why choose Morocco?

Recently Morocco has been rising as a favourite winter destination for surfers of all styles and levels! The size of the waves in this time of the year makes it with perfect conditions and temperature, especially for beginners and intermediates. With a 1,835 km long coastline, Morocco has plenty of breaks for all tastes and levels. Here are some of them (very close to our surfcamp):

1. Anchor point – A great beach for experienced surfers;

2. Boilers –  A great beach for experienced surfers as well!

3. Banana point – Our home break, consists of a long right-hand point break that curves in the shape of the banana;

4. Devil’s rock – A break for newbies;

5. Killer point –  Break for intermediates and experienced surfers;

6. Crocro beach-  A break for beginner waves.

7. Banana beach – A close by the beach for beginners and intermediates;

8. Spider – A close break for beginners and intermediates.

These breaks represent the best breaks near our surfcamp in Morocco, as they offer all kinds of surfing conditions, from more fun and mellow waves for newbies and also heavy reef breaks for more advanced and experienced surfers.

Rapture Surfcamps Morocco Typical Market
Two camels walking in the moroccan desert
A typical moroccan village with houses painted in light blue
A room with beach belongings at the door

Get to know our Surfcamp in Morocco

Although Morocco is not the most popular surfing destination all over the world, the waves can be very high during the winter, with a swell up to 4-5 meters and the waves can also get up to at least 300m long over the coast.

Due to its prime location on the Atlantic coast, Morocco is the country from North Africa with the most tourism for the last years. It’s a perfectly safe country to travel to and it has the lowest crime rate for Northern African countries. Expect uncrowded beaches with a friendly vibe both from the locals but also from the surfers you will surely meet on your adventures.

Tradition, history and culture all around

Morocco is a unique place where you can find loads of history and culture. It doesn’t matter if you are strolling on the best-known markets of the country or stepping into a remote Berber Village: You will be surrounded by influences of several nations like the Arab, African, Berber and later occidental civilizations like the French and Spanish.

Most of the Moroccan population is Muslim, which makes this a country with beautiful mosques and Muslim monuments and art you can appreciate, and also get to know the whole world around this religion.

The official languages are Arabic and Tamazight. French is widely spoken as a second language and English is also understood in most touristic places.

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Banana Village

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