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Surf Camps Morocco


If you are after flawless waves with right-hand points, look no further! Our Surfcamp in Morocco is the place for you to have the surf trip of your life for your next holiday.

Filled with an amazing culture and traditions, our surf camp in Morroco is located in a historical place. You can visit the typical northern African villages but also spend your time improving your surfing and Yoga skills. This particular area (Taghazout and Tamraght – where we have our surfcamp in Morocco) have been attracting surfers and yogis from all over the world. This has happened since the ’60s, and it has since become almost a pilgrimage place for those perfect, lined-up, grinding right-handers,

When is the best time for surfing in Morocco?

Morocco is a northern African tropical paradise with an eternal summer that boasts over 300 sunny days annually. There’s not only plenty of spots to suit all abilities but the water is between 16˚C and 23˚C year-round, so we advise you to wear a 3/2mm wetsuit. The best time to come and surf the best swells in Morocco would be between September/October to March. You will find consistent swells, relatively warm water and warm air temperatures. And since there are almost no crowds on our beach, you can enjoy taking a break between surf sessions and resting peacefully under a palm tree, perhaps with a refreshing beverage in hand, too.

Why choose Morroco?

Recently Morroco has been rising as a favourite winter destination for surfers of all styles and levels! The size of the waves in this time of the year makes it with perfect conditions and temperature, especially for beginners and intermediates. With a 1,835 km long coastline, Morroco has plenty of breaks for all tastes and levels. Here are some of them (very close to our surfcamp):

1. Anchor point – A great beach for experienced surfers;

2. Boilers –  A great beach for experienced surfers as well!

3. Banana point – Our home break, consists of a long right-hand point break that curves in the shape of the banana;

4. Devil’s rock – A break for newbies;

5. Killer point –  Break for intermediates and experienced surfers;

6. Crocro beach-  A break for beginner waves.

7. Banana beach – A close by the beach for beginners and intermediates;

8. Spider – A close break for beginners and intermediates.

These breaks represent the best breaks near our surfcamp in Morocco, as they offer all kinds of surfing conditions, from more fun and mellow waves for newbies and also heavy reef breaks for more advanced and experienced surfers.

Costa Rica Surfcamp Avellanas Pool Accomodation

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Surf Camps Costa Rica


Surfcamp Costa Rica Avellanas

Playa Avellanas Rapture Surfcamp

Tropical sun, white sand beaches, turquoise water, perfect waves, lots of space and few people – our Costa Rica surf camp at Playa Avellanas, probably the best surf spot on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, is waiting for you.

At Rapture Surfcamp Costa Rica you live surrounded by pristine nature close to a beach that offers not one or two, but five surf spots, yet you are only a few kilometres away from legendary Tamarindo. No matter if you are a rookie or an expert – you will find perfect surf conditions that suit your level. Surfing, swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, hiking in national parks or spotting wildlife, are activities we can help you organize. Also, heading to Tamarindo to party or just having a relaxing day at camp. At Rapture, you choose your own adventure.

The camp is located just 20-minutes driving from Tamarindo, Costa Rica’s party epicentre, yet the location is secluded in the middle of the jungle on a pristine white sand beach. It consists of a big, modern house with a common area, a bar and a terrace. This terrace leads to a tropical garden. The rooms have big windows, air conditioning and mosquito nets. You can relax in the common area post surfing or get a cool beer at our fully-stocked bar. In the garden, you can lay in a hammock keeping company to some sloth. Also, show the monkeys and iguanas what’s possible on a slackline.

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Group of people relaxing at pool and garden

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Surf Camps Nicaragua


Surfcamp Nicaragua - Maderas

Rapture Surf Camp in Nicaragua

Want to pair your surf trip with a tropical jungle adventure? Our Surf Camp in Nicaragua is the perfect spot. Our surfcamp is just a 10-minute walk from our home break, one of the most famous surfing beaches in Nicaragua. In addition to that, it’s the ideal break for our surf lessons. With 340 days offshore winds a year and its incredible consistency, good surf is guaranteed.

Our modern eco-friendly surfcamp features spacious dorms and comfortable double rooms. Each room will provide you with all you need during your stay. For more variety, our safari cars are leaving every day to different beaches in search of the best waves.

Our experienced and enthusiastic surf guides will always take you to the right spot. In between surf sessions, relax in our infinity pool! Another recommendation is to hang out at one of the comfortable chill-out areas or play pool by the bar.

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Surf Camps Portugal


Surfcamp Portugal - Ericeira

Ericeira Rapture Surfcamp

Our Portugal surf camp is located in Ericeira –  the premier surf location in Europe. Just 35 km north-west from Lisbon, it’s a striking fisher’s village with some of the best surf spots in this continent. The coast offers a large variety of spots for all skill levels, from beginners to pros. Also located right in this area is Ribeira d’Ilhas, a certified pro spot, hosting one of the stops on the ASP WSL tour.

The oceanfront surf camp rests at Foz do Lizandro beach, just a few steps away from the shore. In our surf camp you will be living in a typical 2-story Portuguese villa designed to cater to all your needs – pre or post surf.

Also, there is a lot you can do at the camp site. Relax and enjoy the view on our cozy rooftop terrace. Play football or table tennis against your surf mates. Stay active and join our yoga sessions or analyse your surf performance from pictures taken by our camp photographer. In addition, you can go to Ericeira’s town center using our rental bikes or skateboards in less than 15 minutes. This is where you can indulge in fantastic local dishes and experience the vivid nightlife.

Moreover, on weekdays, dinner will be served by camp chef Mikey. He is known for creating delicious menus for both meat lovers and vegetarian enthusiasts – you can see some of his best creations in the food section on our site.

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Surf Camps Bali


Get to know our surf camps in Bali before arriving in this magical island!

Surfcamp Bali Padang Padang

Bali Padang Padang Rapture Surfcamp – Surf camps in Bali

Wearing board shorts & bikinis on your surf trip is your idea of heaven? Then join us at our Surfcamp in Padang Padang, Bali..

From rice paddies and temples to monkeys and white sandy beaches with perfect waves. As soon as you walk off the plane you will experience the unique mix of culture, surf spirit, and hospitality. Lastly, nature, which brings surfers, backpackers and resort patrons back to Bali again and again.

The temperature doesn’t drop below 26C in the rainy or dry season, making Bali heaven for sun-worshippers & surfers alike. The locals are some of the friendliest people you’ll meet. Experience awe-inspiring colourful Hindu ceremonies taking place throughout the year. Look out for Barongs – a lion-like creature and character in the mythology of Bali.

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Rapture Surfcamp Bali Green Bowl

Bali Green Bowl Rapture Surfcamp

Want to surf in a tropical paradise with warm crystal-blue ocean water? Then our second Bali location, Rapture Surfcamp Bali Green Bowl, offers exactly that – plus beautiful accommodations, an infinity pool overlooking the jungle and the ocean below & fantastic food.

Based in the Bukit Penisula (south of the island), our gorgeous surfcamp has the best breaks for all levels around.  These conditions work both in the wet and dry seasons. Relax, recharge, rejuvenate, our Green Bowl camp has all the common and private areas you may need! Join us for daily yoga to stretch post surfing or book a massage to relax tired muscles.

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Bali Canggu Rapture Surfcamp

Our beachfront Surf camp is located just outside of the touristic city of Kuta. Canggu has a unique traditional Balinese Touch , all our rooms are sparkling clean and have comfortable amenities and features. You will feel right at home, with a tropical twist! We have a large natural stone pool surrounded by a lush green garden. This pool creates an island-style atmosphere. Our buildings and Villas have the traditional Javanese grass roof. Also, several lounge areas for all our guests to hang out. Also, you can have a snack or meal at our amazing surfcamp restaurant. All of these areas along with terraces and decks invite you to take part in this wonderful surf and friendly ambience.

Closer to the touristic region and also to several consistent beach breaks, this surf camp will be the perfect option for you. Close to many traditional and worldwide known rice fields, there are plenty of other activities you can do in Canggu! Experience the best sunsets in the area, book yourself a shopping trip or enjoy the succulent dishes from this area!

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Bali Seminyak Rapture Surfcamp

When we idealized this surf camp, we wanted to capture the real essence of the Balinese Feeling, with its lush green surroundings and beach vibes.  Comfortable and tastefully decorated private rooms are surrounding our breathtaking stone pool, which lays inside a beautiful tropical garden. One of our pools features a jacuzzi and the other one comprises a pool bar. Our bar has a special cocktail menu we created just for you.

You can choose between several accommodation options. There’s also a social area composed of big lounges with bean bags and sofas, where you can refill your energies after surfing. We have WiFi access all around the surf camp for all the guests.  Within a short walk from our surf camp, we have one of the most epic beach breaks. These breaks are among the following:

  • Halfway
  • Padma
  • Gado-Gado
  • KuDeTa (which are perfect for beginners).

Also within a short distance from the surf camp, we have plenty of shops, bars, clubs and restaurants where you can make the most of Bali!

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