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Ericeira - Coxos Surf Villa

The village of Ericeira, Europe’s top surf location, is home to our first Surf Villa. Ericeira, located 35 kilometres north of Lisbon, is an original ancient fishermen’s community with a thriving surfing scene.

Ericeira, Europe’s Surfing Mecca, is a great place to learn to surf.

The only World Surfing Reserve in Europe is located right here, with some of Europe’s top surf areas. Also, along the 10km of coastline surrounding Ericeira, there are numerous surf breaks and beaches for all skill levels.

Our Surf Villa in Ericeira: Relax by our pool facing the ocean

Located on top of the beautiful Coxos Beach, lies our first-ever Surf Villa in Ericeira. Still, in the parish of Santo Isidoro, we find a small but pleasant horseshoe-shaped beach, bathed by extremely clear waters and sheltered from the north wind.

Moreover, our modern and spacious Villa is composed of two floors. Moreover, we offer private and shared room options for your convenience, all decorated with style and elegance. Enjoy the best quality time in our terrace and infinity pool directly facing the beautiful Portuguese Sea! 

Learn to Surf in Europe’s Surf Mecca: Become a pro!

Relax on our patio next to our infinity pool and take in the scenery, for example! Join our yoga programs or take a surf lesson with Rapture Surfcamps to stay active. Use our fast and free WiFi to keep in touch with pals, or meet the rest of the gang at our main location in Foz do Lizandro. That’s where you can sample some of Ericeira’s best local cuisine and take in the city’s vibrant nightlife.

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Our two locations are just a short 10min drive from each other! Super Hot

Choosing between Surfcamp or Surf Villa in Ericeira

After our delicious breakfast is served, guests get driven over to Foz do Lizandro to join the lessons. Guests can stay there for as long as they want: hang out in our surf camp, have lunch at the beach and of course surf! Another shuttle goes back to Coxos after lunch and another one mid-afternoon. If you want to come back to the Villa a bit later, the last shuttle goes before dinner! In total, rapturecamps provides 4 daily shuttles from our Surf Villa to our Surfcamp!

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Our house chef prepares daily breakfast and dinner on weekdays. His culinary delights appeal to both meat-eaters and vegetarians. Come catch the waves of a lifetime on some of Europe’s most unspoilt beaches in the heart of the Portuguese countryside.

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Rapture Surfcamps Ericeira Coxos living room area
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Rapture Surfcamps Ericeira Coxos kitchen
Rapture Surfcamps Ericeira Coxos bathroom in microcement

Why you’ll love our surf villa in Portugal

Want to learn more about Rapture Surfcamp Portugal’s vibe and join the #rapturefamily? Take a peek at the rooms within our contemporary beachfront house and the excellent environment around the villa to get a sense of what you’ll discover in our Portuguese Camp. Likewise, read more about the nightlife in Ericeira’s charming Old Town, the friendly faces you’ll meet at the camp, and the delicious food chef Mikey prepares for us on a daily basis.

Also, if you fancy a dip in the water the nearest beach is just a 2min walk from our front door!

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Your booking always includes

Course Breakfast
Breakfast Buffet

Rich breakfast to get started

Delicious Dinner

From Monday to Friday

Tea Coffee
Free flow coffee and tea

Daily for breakfast



Surf Theory
Surf theory class

At our main surfcamp

Free Wifi


Airport Shuttle
Airport Shuttle

We will pick you up (extra cost)

Yoga Classes
Yoga Class

Book it for an extra price

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What is the best time to come to Ericeira for beginners?

Depends on how you like to spend your holidays. Main season (July, August, September) is probably the best time regarding to waves but off course there are more people in the water as well.

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What kind of wetsuit do you recommend in Ericeira?

All our school wetsuits are 4/3, we strongly recommend this thickness if you want to bring your own wetsuit as well. In the summer months the temperature outside can get really high, however, the water temperature doesn’t get much warmer than 17°C. Don’t be scared though, that just wakes you up well for your lessons. You can rent a wetsuit directly in our camp – we have a variety of different sizes and fits.

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Lisbon Day Trip

You can’t go to Portugal and not visit Lisbon. Portugal’s famous capital is warm, welcoming, colorful, with plenty of history to explore, and also incredibly yummy in terms of the food and drinks you can taste! The bus company “Mafrense” drives directly from Ericeira to Lisbon with service every hour on weekday – perfect for a nice sightseeing day trip to take a rest from surfing.

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