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If you’re looking for the best surf school in Portugal, look no further. Ericeira is one of the top spots in the world to learn to surf. You’ll have access to a wide range of waves that are constant throughout the year. Summers are sunny and warm, with fresh seafood and delectable delicacies. Likewise, breathtaking scenery, and a seductive local ambience. All of our employees are kind, knowledgeable, and eager to share their love of surfing. We cater to all budgets and visitors from all over the world.


Our Surf School at Europe’s first World Surfing Reserve

Ericeira is a surf mecca: the incredible breaks and immaculate condition of the local beaches and water prompted Save the Waves Coalition. As a result of a collaboration with the International Surfing Association (ISA) and Australia’s National Surfing Reserves, Ericeira was turned into a World Surfing Reserve — the first and only one in Europe.

Because of the great quality of its waves, Ericeira attracts the majority of Portuguese professional surfers. Ribeira d’llhas, one of the longest breaks, holds two WSL contests each year.

Rapturecamps Ericeira Sao Lourenco Surf Lessons with teacher
Rapturecamps Ericeira Sao Lourenco Beginner surfers
Rapturecamps Ericeira Sao Lourenco Surfer with surfboard
Rapturecamps Ericeira Sao Lourenco Surfer surfing a wave
Rapturecamps Ericeira Sao Lourenco beginner surf lessons

Learn to surf at our Surf School in Ericeira

All of our favourite beach breaks are within a 10-kilometre radius of the camp. We recommend wearing a 4/3 wetsuit and booties because the Atlantic Ocean can get very chilly and the reefs can be very sharp. The chilly water feels lovely and soothing in the summer when the ambient temperature reaches 30°C or more.


Surf Lessons for all levels in Ericeira

Ericeira is one of the best and most consistent summer surf spots in Europe, whether you’re a novice or have been surfing since you were a grommet. There is something for everyone within a 10-minute drive of our Surf School, with gorgeous beach breakers as well as Portugal’s most hollow point breaks and reefs.

Well-known throughout Europe as one of the top all-year-round surfing destinations. Because of the exceptional quality and consistency of the waves, Ericeira attracts the majority of Portuguese professional surfers. Ribeira d’ilhas, one of the longest breaks here, hosts two world surfing events each year. Ericeira, on the other hand, boasts a plethora of alternative beaches for beginners to practice on, as well as numerous ideal left and right-hand reef breaks for more experienced surfers.



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Level 1
Beginners Surf Course

The beginner category is for those who have never surfed before, or who haven’t surfed in a while and want to go through the basics one more time. It is a great fit for all people who are refining their techniques and gaining confidence. We’ll give you a fun introduction to surfing, and share the stoke when you catch your very first waves. We’ll make sure that you develop your skills in line with your level and that you’ll catch as many waves as possible while having fun with the other surfers.

Is it suitable for complete beginners?

A significant part of our guests at all camps are complete beginners, that’s why we offer lessons for complete beginners from Mondays to Saturdays and as you progress during your time at camp, so does the instruction you receive. Trust us, within your stay you might already be riding green waves with the help of our patient and experienced instructors and you will meet a new surfing family at camp that may stay friends for life.

Our beginner course

Your first surf lesson begins with an instructor teaching you the basics on how to handle a surfboard, paddle out, catch a wave and get to your feet.

Here are some fundamental steps you will start with at our camp:

• Safety intro and beach awareness
• Surf equipment explained
• Paddling technique
• Catching a wave
• Standing up on your board
• Surfboard control
• How to ride a wave towards the shore
• Improving your stance
• Surf awareness
• Improving your technique

Intermediate Surf Lessons in Ericeira

Level 2
Intermediate Surf Course

The main difference between beginner and intermediate surfers is their autonomy in the water. To be suitable for the intermediate group you should be able to get up on waves on your own, have a very strong paddling ability and be comfortable in the water in general. If this is still a challenge for you, you will benefit more from the beginner course instead.

The instructors will help you to improve your skills, you will learn how to read the water, where to position yourself and how to turn on waves. 

What can you expect from the intermediate course

This module is focused on getting to the outside (lineup) in waist high waves. We’ll teach you to catch green waves and ride the face of the wave instead of going straight in the white water. Our instructors will identify the important changes you can bring to your technique that will end up making a huge difference in your surfing style! 

You will get personalised tips on how you surf and about what to improve as the quality of the waves you pick, the speed you are able to generate, your agility on the wave, Our team will teach you how to use rip currents and as well refine your timing while picking up the waves to surf etc. All these factors can truly make a difference in your learning path. The more you train, the better you surf and the more you’ll end up loving it.

Other important things you will learn with us in the Intermediate course:

  • Paddling out techniques
  • Sitting on your board
  • Positioning yourself in the line-up
  • Catching a wave towards shore
  • Reading the ocean – Learning which waves to catch and which waves to rather skip
  • Stalling and accelerating
  • Going “out the back”
  • Improve your stance
  • Angled take-offs
  • Riding unbroken waves
Pro Surfer cutback trick nicaragua

Level 3
Advanced Surf Coaching

To be suitable for the advanced group you need to be able to drop in confidently on 3ft+ waves, be comfortable surfing at low tide, and you should also have experience in doing top/bottom turns.

Other requirements for the advanced module are the ability to surf shortboards as well as the ability to duck dive, so if you’re not yet confident in head high or higher waves on your own we suggest trying to stick to the intermediate group for a while until you are ready for a bigger challenge. 

For advanced and pro surfers

Our intermediate and advanced coaches work together very closely. They communicate their students’ progress with each other, so you might start in an intermediate course and be suitable for our advanced sessions after a few days already. 

We’ll give you the knowledge you need to feel confident in surfing most breaks, focusing on entry and exit from the break and we will help you decide which peak is the best for your level of surfing. 

Other important things you will do and learn with us in the Advanced course:

  • Develop your Back and Forehand technique
  • Surf awareness
  • Develop your own style
  • Video Analysis of your training
Pro Surfer cutback trick nicaragua

Level 4
Surf Coaching

If you want to find new places to surf with the help of a local guide. He will tell you where best to surf. This is only for surfers with experience of surfing alone.

About our Surf Instructors in Foz do Lizandro

We know the best spots according to each individual’s skill level and have a combined experience of 30 years surfing, they know many of the globe’s top surf locations and are extremely familiar with Portugal’s – and especially Ericeira’s – best break. They will take you to the best spot for your level depending on tides and weather conditions. Each of them is an expert in judging surf conditions, such as time and location, and all have a European license for surfing standards.

Take your surfing skills to the next level

Whatever level you are on, our instructors strive to provide you with a stress-free, fun, and enjoyable learning environment where you can advance your skills. We are serious about teaching surfing techniques and knowledge, helping to choose the proper equipment, getting you to the right surf spots for your specific skill level and taste. 

What you can expect from the surf lessons?

By taking surf lessons, our instructors will first teach you the basics of surf theory class. Afterwards, they will advise you on which break suits your skill level. Then, they’ll show you how to pop up onto the board for the first time. Also, how to improve your existing skills and get from riding to ripping.

Got more question about our Surf Lessons?

Browse our FAQ for more info about our surf lessons in Ericeira.

Is your surfcamp in Ericeira suitable for complete beginners?

A significant part of our guests at all camps are complete beginners. Every day we offer lessons for complete beginners and as you progress during your time at camp so does the instruction you receive. Trust us, within 5 days you’ll be riding green waves with the help of our patient and experienced instructors and you will meet a new surfing family at camp that may stay friends for life.

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What is the best time to come to Ericeira for beginners?

Depends on how you like to spend your holidays. Main season (July, August, September) is probably the best time regarding to waves but off course there are more people in the water as well.

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What kind of wetsuit do you recommend in Ericeira?

All our school wetsuits are 4/3, we strongly recommend this thickness if you want to bring your own wetsuit as well. In the summer months the temperature outside can get really high, however, the water temperature doesn’t get much warmer than 17°C. Don’t be scared though, that just wakes you up well for your lessons. You can rent a wetsuit directly in our camp – we have a variety of different sizes and fits.

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