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Join Rapturecamps and start your own Surf Camp

If you’ve always dreamed of running a surf camp, mountain resort or yoga retreat but you don’t know where to start, Rapturecamps has the answer.

By joining Rapturecamps, you can pursue your outdoor passions and get a head start on launching your very own camp, resort or retreat. All you need to do is pick the location and the type of outdoor activity you would like to operate. We’ll then handle the training, booking, branding and marketing, plus everything else required to get your new camp up and running.

From tapping into a considerable client database built over 17 years to receive the type of industry insights that only an established brand can offer, a Rapturecamps surf camp, resort or retreat is your ticket to business ownership, financial freedom and unforgettable experiences.

Read on to discover the benefits of being part of the Raptureworld and take the first step towards building your very own paradise today. 

Why launch a Surf Camp with Rapturecamps

The main advantage of launching a surf camp with us is the speed in which you can grow.

A shorter time to opening, access to an extensive client base and a clear pathway to higher occupancy are all benefits of joining Rapturecamps. Other advantages to joining the Rapturecamps surf camp, mountain resort or yoga retreat program include the following.

1# Work with an established brand for surfers worldwide 

You can provide a service under a name that already enjoys widespread international recognition and attract customers who are familiar with our high level of quality and consistency. You also have a higher chance of success due to brand association, which creates trust between you and the consumer.

2# Enjoy the freedom of running your very own Surf Camp while maintaining your identity

Work independently at your chosen destination in your OWN property yet benefit from our reputation, dedicated support and 17 years of experience running camps in exotic locations around the world. Basically, you get instant recognition while still maintaining your own identity.

3# Opportunities for all types of outdoor activities

From surf camps and yoga retreats to ski and snowboard camps, mountain resorts and active adventures (kayaking, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, etc.), we offer opportunities for just about every outdoor activity. Each camp, retreat or resort is subject to an initial inspection. We then offer improvement tips, training in all departments, ongoing support, operational systems, customer service, sales and marketing services.

4# Tap into a customer base built over 17 years

You get immediate access to a massive customer database built over 17 years. You also benefit from our expansive digital reach that sees 200,000 unique website visitors annually with over 20,000 social media followers on Facebook and Instagram. This enables you to target return customers and reach people searching for new adventures throughout every corner of the globe.

5# Access verified systems, standards and technologies

Our business model includes proven processes, technologies, standards, and methods for an operation that minimize risk and make running your camp as easy as can be. This will not only increase your chance of success, but it will also give you the confidence to grow your business, given that you have an established framework to lean on.

6# Effortless online booking and customer service

Our uniform website, centralized lead generation, live reservation system and 24/7 support center ensures you won’t be required to undertake or manage customer bookings. Instead, all reservations are promptly and professionally handled by a single online booking and customer service center. That means less time supervising check-ins and more time to focus on your passions.

7# Benefit from world-class marketing campaigns

We cover all of your international, national and local marketing requirements using effective advertising methods and the latest technology and tools. All campaigns are run by a team of marketing experts. Your social media and customer communication in addition to online and offline promotions are also managed in-house.

Why use our online platform?

Our online platform allows you to follow your passion and put your heart into running the camp rather than worrying about overheads, marketing, administration or bookings. Simply stick to the Rapturecamps standards and guidelines and we’ll take care of everything else.

Your camp is hosted on our high-traffic website

You will have your own section on the Rapturecamps website complete with features, photos, videos, articles and general information about your surf camp, mountain resort or yoga retreat. This section will be custom-built by our experienced marketing team to give potential customers a positive digital impression of your location.

There’s already a reservation system

You don’t need to worry about researching and selecting a reservation system for your business. We use an advanced online reservation system with live availability technology on our website that sends fully automated pre-arrival and post-departure customer emails, so you don’t have to.

You won’t need to manually manage bookings

Bookings, guests, rooms, check-ins and check-outs are all taken care of by our reservation system. This essentially eliminates the need to manually manage the administration of your business so you can focus on the day-to-day operations of your camp.

All payments are processed via our Online Payment Gateway

We have access to a safe, secure and reliable payment processing faculty. Called Online Payment Gateway, this advanced system works with nearly all major credit cards and payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, Amex, DISCOVER, JCB, etc.

We take care of customer service and email support

We offer a professional customer service that includes live chat, phone and email support for you and your customers. This means you won’t need to spend all day answering guest emails or replying to messages. Instead, you can simply direct the questions and queries to our friendly support team.

Professional full-suite marketing services

There’s no need to know all the latest marketing tricks and gimmicks, nor will you be required to manage all of your social media channels. When you launch a Rapturecamps surf camp, mountain resort or yoga retreat, the same team that grew our social media accounts to 20,000 plus followers will run your marketing channels.

How does the Raptureworld onboarding process work?

The first part of the onboarding process involves our team inspecting your property to ensure it meets Rapturecamps’ global standards. If needed we will recommend improvements to buildings, structures and spaces. We will then work together on identifying the best way to complete these improvements taking both timeframe and quality into consideration.

What does Rapturecamps offer you?

Stunning photos and videos of your camp

The Rapturecamps team is sent to produce professional photos and videos of your business. The goal of these photos and videos is to entice visitors to your camp and sell the lifestyle and services that it offers. All media is then used for online, digital, social media channels, email, press releases, travel agents and in-camp promotions.

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You get files for signage and merchandise with the Rapturecamps logo plus approved designs that are to be produced locally. International artists will be available for murals with applicable sports/activities and Rapturecamps branding. Best practice guidelines regarding guest welcome kits are also shared based on successful welcome kits that other locations utilize.

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Training and services

We provide training services on both front and back of the house procedures and client service standards for management and staff. Part of this service includes giving advice on how to improve the quality of the overall product to achieve long-term success and maximize profit. This advice is based on our own considerable insider knowledge developed over the course of 15 years.

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What to expect upon joining Raptureworld

Upon joining Raptureworld you’ll receive access to our online platform, branding, systems, client base, expertise, support and marketing capabilities. You can then sell products and provide services under the Rapturecamps banner. The difference between us and other adventure travel franchises is that we give you the right to operate a Rapturecamps business whilst still maintaining a high degree of independence.


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