Curious about surfing in Nicaragua? Consider yourself a devoted surf traveller? Looking to experience good surfing in beautiful surroundings with empty waves? While Bali and Portugal are famous and well sought after surfing destinations, Nicaragua offers a chance to surf less crowded beaches and breaks that are great for beginners and those developing their technique.

Every beach in the area has its own charm and offers surfing in stunning tropical surroundings. This is your chance to wet your rails on some of Central America’s best waves while visiting unbelievably gorgeous beaches such as our home break, Playa Hermosa, El Yankee, Remanso and Colorado.

Nicaragua has always been on the radar of barrel-hungry surfers. The reason is that with over 330 days of offshore winds annually, you can surf every single day of the year! These offshore winds combined with affordable accommodations and the chance to score some uncrowded waves lure surfers of all levels to this Central American paradise. There’s a lot to look forward to when visiting Nicaragua—among the list are the offshore winds, typical water temps that hover around 27˚C, consistent waves and inviting sand bottom beach breaks. Whether you’re looking to learn to surf or searching for those perfect Nica barrels, the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes doesn’t disappoint.

Visit our Surf Camp in Nicaragua

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Playa Maderas

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Aerial view over Maderas Valley in Nicaragua

Maderas Surf Resort

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When is the best time for surfing in Nicaragua?

On top of having 250 kilometers of coastline on the Pacific Ocean side, Nicaragua is a top destination among surfers due to the superb weather conditions and the fact it pretty much always has waves. Seriously if 330 plus days of offshore winds doesn’t make you excited, we don’t know what will!

There are two main seasons; the green or wet season and the dry or hot season. The wet season runs from about mid-May through to mid-November. During this timeframe, the Pacific coast lights up with big and consistent swells. Needless to say, this is a perfect time to consider surfing Nicaragua.

The dry season, on the other hand, sees much smaller swells. This means that it’s probably better suited to beginners, however, more experienced surfers will still be able to snuff out a decent wave either at our home beach. Also at any other great surf spot, thanks to our savvy surf guides. Playa Hermosa, El Yankee, Remanso and Popoyo are just some of the waves we’ll explore. However, on those rare days when the waves won’t cooperate, there are plenty of flat-day activities to try such as disc golf or horse riding.

Great surf spots from Beginners to Experts

You will find a number of great surf spots in the area around our camp. We’re constantly looking for the most favourable conditions and we’ll shuttle you to the spot that works best:

  • Playa Maderas
  • Playa Remanso
  • Playa Hermosa
  • Tamarindo
  • El Yankee
  • Playa Escameca

We offer affordable surf lessons with patient local surf instructors. We also offer boat trips on-demand to famous breaks in the north such as Playa Manzanillo, Colorado, Panga Drops and Santana for those who would like to ride some seriously stellar waves.

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Happy surfer girl waiting for swell

Enjoy a veritable surfers paradise

The Rapture Surfcamp in Nicaragua consists of a spacious 2-level building located on top of a hill that overlooks verdant jungle, Maderas beach and the glistening Pacific Ocean. While staying at our surf resort you can relax with a book in the common area. Also, watch a great surf movie through the projector or chill in one of the many loungers by the pool. Speaking of, what better place to check the surf from than from the refreshing water of our infinity pool? The camp also features comfortable beds, delicious food, open-plan spaces and beautiful showers. To cap it all off, you get front row seats to some of the most magnificent sunset views on this planet.

The walk from our surf resort to our home break, which is one of the most consistent surf locations in the country, takes about 15-minutes. Indeed, winds through a charming jungle path. The beach itself is situated on the Pacific coast of Central America. It is roughly 2.5 hours from Managua Airport and 9 kilometres north of San Juan del Sur. San Juan Del Sur is considered Nicaragua’s surf capital and home to a great number of incredible surf spots.

Join us at our Surf Camp in Playa Maderas

Whether you’re a beginner or have surfed your whole life, the area around our camp offers great surfing conditions and year-round swells. Our home break, for example, offers both bigger waves and gentle rollers depending on where you surf. This makes it appropriate for our surf school and more experienced surfers. There are also a number of other great spots within easy reach from the camp.

For those in search of top quality surf lessons in Nicaragua – look no further! Our surf school provides excellent surf lessons conducted by quality instructors in a friendly, comfortable and beautiful environment. Our qualified instructors are skilled, experienced and enthusiastic, with a deep knowledge of local conditions and the best spots. With their guidance, you’ll progress quickly and go from fledgling foam rider to confident ripper in no time at all.

Treat yourself to an exceptional surfing holiday in Nicaragua

Our Nicaragua Surf Resort is located in the hills overlooking the lush jungle and a sparkling surf beach. Our home break, that’s only 10 minute walk from your bedroom door!

A big reason why Nicaragua is a top destination among surfers comes down to the friendly locals, the beautiful tropical weather and the consistency of waves. Need we remind you that Nicaragua gets over 330 days of offshore winds and nearly just as many surfable days?

Besides blessing you with an abundance of opportunities to surf, the nearby beach of Maderas also has a bar and a cafe. You can relax in these spots or other numerous walking trails that connect to adjoining beaches at low tide. We recommend taking a walk in the evening to find a secret sunset-watching spot. Afterwards, sit back as the day ends and witness Mother Nature do her thing!

You’ll get to enjoy surf lessons in beautiful surroundings with friendly instructors that make you feel comfortable. While we are serious about surfing we also appreciate the finer things in life, such as delicious food, good company, comfortable accommodation and good times. We will do everything in our power to make sure you get the best out of each and every aspect during your surf holiday! So don’t wait any longer… book a trip to our surf resort in Nicaragua today and discover the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes with your friends and family at Rapturecamps.

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