Bali and Portugal are famous surfing destinations but are also pretty crowded most of the time. Nicaragua offers a chance to enjoy uncrowded beaches and at times have the breaks all to yourself. Nicaragua is pretty new on the surf map but surfing in this tropical paradise is truly an unforgettable experience.

With over 300 days of offshore winds per year and beaches for miles on this stretch of Central America’s stunning coast, every level of surfer can find the perfect conditions every day of the year.

Surfing Playa Maderas Nicaragua - Beautiful Barrel
Surfing Playa Maderas Nicaragua – Beautiful Barrel

The area around popular surf camps in Nicaragua like Rapture Surfcamps offer many other surf spots for all levels of surfers. From lovely beach breaks such as Playa Hermosa and Playa Remanso that are perfect for beginners to rougher breaks and hollow waves such as Manzanillo, Colorado and Panga Drops that fit for more advanced surfers.

When is the Best Time to Surf Nicaragua?

A big reason why Nicaragua is becoming a top destination among surfers is because of its weather conditions. With over 300 days of offshore winds, this area offers nice waves practically every day of the year. The wave consistency and the variability of the surf breaks in Nicaragua can accommodate all levels of surf enthusiasts.

Beginner surfers will enjoy the warm, dry days and smaller, gentler waves of the Central American summer (Dec-Apr).

For more advanced surfer we recommend the wet (aka green) season (May-Nov) due to the bigger size of the swells in those months.

The year-round warm temperatures allows you to surf in boardshorts or bikini all year round. A lush green jungle back-drop you can enjoy with a cocktail in hand at one of the beach bars. You’ll find yourself never wanting to leave.

Don’t let the reputation as one of Nicaragua’s busiest surf spots fool you. Compared to most spots in North America and Australia, it’s far less crowded and you can often have the waves to yourself.

A person surfing the waves in Nicaragua
Surfing Nicaragua

Playa Maderas: a Tropical Surf Dream

Playa Maderas is one of Southern Nicaragua’s most famous and consistent surf spots. It is situated on the Pacific coast of Central America, only 2.5 hours from Managua Airport and 9 km north of San Juan del Sur – Nicaragua’s surfing capital and home to a number of great surf spots.

Located just north of San Juan del Sur with easy shuttle access to town, it’s only a 15-min walk from Rapture Surfcamps Nicaragua down a beautiful jungle trail.

The beach break at Playa Maderas is a good spot for everyone from beginners to advanced surfers. The beach creates an inner section that’s great for those looking to learn how to surf. The outer section with a right and a left break is more challenging and fun. This happens with surfers more comfortable paddling out on their boards through bigger surf.

Maderas beach bar
Tropical vibes and no bad days

Where to Stay while Surfing Nicaragua?

You may want to consider visiting Rapture Surfcamps in Playa Maderas, where your accommodations will be overlooking the jungle and the ocean below. It is located conveniently in a location from where you can check the waves directly from your window.

A stay at Rapture Surfcamps also includes delicious breakfast daily and a satisfying dinner that’s available 5 nights a week. The use of the infinity pool which is the highlight of the camp is also included. You also get to enjoy yoga classes daily, and post surfing massages. Also, the opportunity to explore Nicaragua on our various day trips.

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Other than providing you with great surf, the beach also comes with a few cafes to chill in and enjoy a refreshing beverage. You can go for a beautiful walk along the neighbouring beaches at low tide and watch incredible sunsets!

 Beach at Nicaragua close to Rapture Surfcamps
See that little hill up there behind the beach? That’s where you’ll be staying

Within easy reach from Playa Maderas you also find other great surf spots. This includes Playa Hermosa, El Yankee, Remanso, as well as other activities like disc golf and horseback riding. 

For the experienced surfers who would like to experience the famous breaks to the north such as Playa Manzanillo, Colorado, Panga Drops and Santana, we offer boat trips on demand.

For those who cannot wait to go surfing, visit us at Playa Maderas. This pumping beach break is just a 15 minute walk from Rapture Surfcamps, through a beautiful jungle trail. The beach is one of the best and most consistent surf spots in the area yet experiences less crowds than most surf spots in other parts of the world.

The surf guides at camp as well as the instructors at our surf school will gladly assist you in finding the waves and breaks best fit your level and experience. We take surf trips to different spots every day depending on the best swell and wind conditions in the area.

How does it sound? NICARAGUA

Visit us in Playa Maderas and get your daily dose of great surf!

A stay at Rapture includes a daily delicious breakfast, dinner 5 nights a week, the use of the infinity pool, plus yoga classes daily and post surfing massages.



What makes Nicaragua a great destination for surfing?

Nicaragua boasts a Pacific coastline with consistent waves, making it a paradise for surfers. The country offers a variety of surf spots suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced surfers.

Why consider surf camps in Nicaragua?

Surf camps in Nicaragua provide a structured and immersive experience for surf enthusiasts. They offer expert instruction, equipment rental, and often include accommodations. These camps cater to different skill levels, creating a supportive environment for both learning and improving surfing skills.

How do I choose the right surf camp in Nicaragua?

When selecting a surf camp in Nicaragua, consider factors such as the location, instructor qualifications, and reviews from past participants. Look for camps that align with your skill level, whether you’re a beginner or seeking more advanced coaching.

What are the popular surf spots in Nicaragua near surf camps?

Nicaragua has renowned surf spots such as Playa Maderas, Popoyo, and Playa Santana. Many surf camps are strategically located near these breaks, providing easy access to the waves and creating a vibrant surf community.

Is Nicaragua suitable for all skill levels, including beginners?

Yes, Nicaragua caters to surfers of all skill levels. Many surf camps offer specific programs for beginners, with instructors providing personalized guidance and support. The country’s diverse surf breaks allow for progression as skills develop.

What is the best time of year for surfing in Nicaragua?

The surf season in Nicaragua typically runs from April to October, coinciding with the dry season and providing optimal conditions for surfing. During this period, the Pacific coast experiences consistent swells and favourable weather.

Are there non-surfing activities available near surf camps in Nicaragua?

Absolutely. Many surf camps in Nicaragua offer a range of activities beyond surfing, including yoga sessions, excursions to local attractions, and opportunities to experience Nicaraguan culture. The diverse offerings cater to both surfers and those looking for a well-rounded travel experience.