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Surf endless waves around Playa Maderas, Nicaragua

The area around Maderas ranks among the top surfing destinations worldwide, mainly because of the consistency in optimal weather conditions all year round. Also, the region is well known as an offshore-paradise with more than 330 days of offshore winds per year.

There are two main seasons in Nicaragua; the green or wet season, and the dry or hot season. The green season goes from May to November. During this time the Pacific coast gets hit with the biggest swells and most consistent surf. These months are prime time for more experienced surfers, with south swells in full swing and waves from shoulder to double overhead and good to epic. The dry season is from December to April. Early in the dry season, light showers are not uncommon. From January to March, the offshore winds get stronger and the water gets a bit colder. The waves usually are smallest this time of the year which is ideal for beginners.

Make your next surf trip unforgettable at Surf Camp in Playa Maderas

Surfing in Nicaragua is veritably perfect all year round and no matter at what time or level of experience you arrive with, our team will always bring you to the spots suiting you best. Through our local scout network, we can permanently track the conditions of the area and thereby provide daily information on which is the perfect surf spot for you.

From Playa Maderas, you can easily travel to Playa Remanso, Playa Hermosa, El Yankee or Escamequa, with our shuttle service. Boat trips north to places like Playa Manzanillo, Colorado or Panga Drops, as well as Lances Left and Playgrounds, can be organized on demand. See you in the surf paradise!

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