Are you looking for the perfect reef breaks, the best surfing spots or simply a packing list for traveling to Portugal? Look no further as Rapturecamps got all that information organized for you!

When’s the Best Time to Surf in Portugal?

Inspiration 17. Aug 2021

Portugal is located in southwestern Europe, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. The Mediterranean climate here makes it one of…

Two grilled mackerels in a black stone board

Places to eat and drink in Ericeira

Portugal 4. Aug 2021

You’re on holiday in a surfing paradise. A place with so many world-class breaks dotting the picturesque coastline you can’t try…

Surfer making a Shaka sign

A message from Rapturecamps about COVID-19

Bali 27. Jun 2020

Updated on 28.10.2020 Rapturecamps helps to connect travelers all over the world with premium surf camp accommodation and epic…

Sunset at Ericeira

12 Amazing Things you can’t miss in Ericeira: a top surfing destination with relaxed vibes

Portugal 21. Jun 2020

Planning on visiting Ericeira? See below for the best things that you can’t miss out on seeing and doing…

Lisbon view at sunset in Cais do Sodre'

The definitive Surfer’s Guide to Lisbon: the best places to see, eat and shred in the Portuguese capital

Inspiration 29. Apr 2020

It’s the second oldest capital in Europe and one of the most attractive cities for tourists to explore in…

Happy Girl posing for a photo

Things to do and see while in Portugal

Portugal 10. Mar 2020

During your stay in Ericeira there may be a day where you do not feel up to the waves…

Guy's hand with mobile phone while taking a picture of

Nightlife in Ericeira: the best places to hang out after surfing

Portugal 5. Mar 2020

Located on Portugal’s beautiful coastline, Ericeira is known as one of the best surfing locations in Europe. This seaside…

Couple walking down the beach at our surf camp in Portugal

The ultimate couple’s getaway? Surf and Yoga in Portugal

Portugal 19. Sep 2019

Sipping wine in front of the Eiffel Tower, taking in the awesome alpine views from an Austrian mountaintop and…

6 types of guests you can expect to meet at our Portugal surf camp

Portugal 12. Sep 2019

Learn all about the types of people you’re guaranteed to run into the next time you book a stay…

Daniela Kohler on a surf session in Ericeira

From our surf house in Ericeira: Paddle to Purpose

Portugal 27. Aug 2019

A film by Daniela Kohler about paddleboarding, staying true to yourself and getting out of your comfort zone that…

Waves breaking at a beach in Ericeira

How to pull off a surf trip in Portugal this summer

Portugal 13. Aug 2019

Make the most of your time off this summer by embarking on an epic surf trip through Portugal with…

Rapture Surf Camp Rooftop

Is our surf camp near Lisbon right for you?

Portugal 15. Jul 2019

Looking for a surf camp near Lisbon? Check out the following article and discover for yourself why we offer…

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