Located on Portugal’s beautiful coastline, Ericeira is known as one of the best surfing locations in Europe. This seaside fishing community is a must visit for anyone who is looking to spend time by the sea in a small town with an impressive cultural backdrop.

Ericeira, is primarily a town for surfers, but after pounding the surf for hours on end, lying in the hot sun and surfing some more, you might need a break from people standing on a board trying to “become one with the wave” or cleaning sand out of their ears. Luckily besides surfing there are a lot of other things to do here.

Luckily this fishing town is a beautiful and interesting place for touristic tours, sun-seekers, and for anyone who is looking for some entertainment and fun with friends.

Where to hang out at night in Ericeira?

Ericeira is popular and lively due to its great surf scene and really comes alive during the summer. Besides helpful locals and surfers as well as visitors from around Europe, you’re likely to run into plenty of weekend refugees from Lisbon’s workweek. Lisbonites love to get away from the capital for a bit of sun and surf just like everyone else. And like everyone else, or perhaps more so, they appreciate music, cold beers, mixed drinks or a nice glass of wine to unwind in the evening.

While the nightlife in Ericeira doesn’t compare to the lively bars and clubs of Lisbon’s Bairro Alto, you might be surprised at what this picturesque coastal village has to offer those in search of a good time after sunset.

Eat delicious food in one of the restaurants in town

Plate of mussels
Little plates containing fresh Octopus
Sintra Qeujadas

Since Ericeira is a fishing town, expect to find seafood restaurants with plenty of fresh fish to choose from. There are plenty of places to eat in the town center and even some on the beach that offer delicious and fresh local seafood and even some internationally inspired cuisine.

Try lobster, a local specialty, as well as octopus, all types of fresh fish, tapas, traditional Portuguese meat and veggie dishes, and local craft beers. See this article for more info.

Have some good time after sunset

For a small town, Ericeira has a lively restaurant, bar and nightclub scene during the summer, which brings an influx of international tourists as well as those from nearby Lisbon, who come to relax and escape the crowds and heat of the city.

We have selected some of the best Bars in Ericeira to help you enjoy the most you can in this town at night.

After dinner, check out the bars and nightclubs in the Praça das Navegantes. The Big Waves Bar for instance thanks to his good selection of beers and spirits and the casual atmosphere it’s always a good choice for early evening drinks and a great spot to start or end the night.

La Luna Bar and the Cadillac Bar are also located in the same square and represent nice alternatives if the first one gets too crowded. Ericeira also has a British pub called Ponto Sete (“Point 7”) on Rua Dr Miguel Bombarda if you’re in the mood for jazz, blues and draft beer.

Bamboo Bar is a casual place with relaxed beach-town vibe, definitely another ideal spot to spend an afternoon for a few drinks with friends.

Jukebox Ericeira is another favorite bar in Ericeira: good cocktails, craft beer and really nice mojito served by a friendly staff in a nice atmosphere.

Some options to hang out with friends or dance until late at night

A club popular with surfers and young people is the Ouriço on Rua Capitão João Lopes, overlooking Praia dos Pescadores. This place over 50 years old is one of oldest discos in Portugal and an essential part of town. It offers a mix of pop, dance, oldies and dance-floor music. For pictures check out their Facebook page.

There are other smaller bars like Adega and Tubo. Both of them are very affordable and fun to go to. These places are extremely small, so the majority of people end up standing outside on the street: that’s where most of the fun happens.

Music & Summer Festivals

Surfing, summer and music go hand in hand. So it should be of no surprise that things to do in Ericeira include a considerable amount of music-related activities. The local Quiksilver flagship Boardriders surf and skate store hosts a series of concerts during the warmer months. The Store used to host a series of Friday concerts known as Quik Sessions and more recently Boardriders Sunset Sessions.

Every year in June Ericeira is invaded by thousand of people heading there for the Sumol Summer Fest, an annual outdoor reggae festival featuring Portuguese and international artists and DJs. This festival that usually lasts two days has all the summer ingredients: heat, sea, good bands performing and thousands of beach lovers!

Those with more classical music tastes are encouraged to look up Ericeira’s Philharmonic.

Sumol Summer Festival Ericeira
Sumol Summer Festival Ericeira

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