Are you still after that perfect surf break? You have no idea where your next surf trip will be? Need some inspiration?

Get inspired before you book your next surf trip reading about surfing ideas, news or events we are organizing at our Rapture surf camps around the world.

Bowls of Salad Lined up

5 Vegan Restaurants You Must Visit in Bali

Inspiration 30. Apr 2024

Padang vegan restaurants have sparked conflicting opinions, with some considering them as ‘blasphemy’ while others view them as a…

Group of people holding surfboard and looking towards the ocean with their back towards the camera

7 Things You Should Know Before You Learn To Surf

Inspiration 17. Apr 2024

Surfing has emerged as one of the most popular water sports worldwide, attracting millions of enthusiasts each year. Surfing…

Do You Need Swimming Skills to Surf?

Inspiration 10. Apr 2024

Basic swimming skills are essential for anyone wanting to enjoy activities in the water, such as surfing. Swimming and…

Two people with surfboards in hand walk along the shore.

10 Reasons to Start Surfing Today!

Inspiration 28. Mar 2024

From a physical health perspective, surfing is a fantastic form of exercise. It engages several muscle groups, particularly the…

A person sitting on top of a surfboard at the beach looking at a pier in the distance

Conquer the Waves: Mastering the Art of Wave Reading

Inspiration 15. Mar 2024

Surfers know that catching the perfect wave is all about reading the water, but mastering the art of wave…

A person standing on surfboard looking towards the sunset.

Packing Essentials when Visiting Bali for a Surf Trip

Inspiration 11. Mar 2024

Are you planning a surfing trip to Bali during the rainy season? While the waves may be perfect for…

Surfer riding barrels

Expert Surfing 101: Riding a Barrel

Inspiration 7. Mar 2024

Barrel riding is not just a fundamental aspect of surfing; it’s also one of the most exhilarating and sought-after…

Two girls posing with surfboard at the beach

10 Best Places in the World to Surf in 2024

Inspiration 29. Feb 2024

As we look ahead to 2024, it’s time to start planning your surf adventures for the coming year. From…

Surf Instructor teaching important surf techniques at the beach

From Novice to Pro: Rapture Surfcamps’ Bali For All Skill-levels

Inspiration 26. Feb 2024

Rapture Surfcamps offers two incredible surf camps in Bali at Green Bowl and Padang Padang. Both surf camps offer…

Experience the thrill of surfing in Bali with peace of mind, knowing that Rapture Surfcamps upholds the highest safety standards for all surfers.

Surfing Safely in Bali: Rapture Surfcamps’ Commitment to Safety Standards

Inspiration 21. Feb 2024

Safety standards in surfing are crucial in ensuring the well-being of surfers and minimizing the risk of accidents and…

A person standing at the beach with surfboard in hand while looking at the beach.

Surf Lessons in Bali – Tips to Choose the Right Surf Camp for You

Inspiration 19. Feb 2024

Bali is renowned as a top surfing destination, offering a variety of world-class surfing spots that cater to surfers…

How to Read a Surf Report: Know the Basics

Inspiration 7. Feb 2024

Reading a surf report is crucial for surfers to find the best waves, plan surf trips in advance, and…

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