Are you still after that perfect surf break? You have no idea where your next surf trip will be? Need some inspiration?

Get inspired before you book your next surf trip reading about surfing ideas, news or events we are organizing at our Rapture surf camps around the world.

Co-Living Ericeira, Portugal

Inspiration 16. Nov 2022

Summer is over, the lineups are getting emptier, the swell is getting bigger and you’re thinking about spending a…

Surf Skate – What you need to know

Inspiration 2. Feb 2022

A complete guide to surf skating As the name indicates, surf skateboarding is a sport designed to mimic surfing…

Surfers waiting for waves in Morocco

9 awesome things to do in Taghazout

Inspiration 15. Oct 2021

Looking for things to do in Taghazout? These are the 9 most awesome adventures and activities that you can…

A typical moroccan village with houses painted in light blue

Things to do in Morocco

Inspiration 13. Sep 2021

When thinking about Morocco, we immediately imagine endless and beautiful deserts with Oasis and camels walking towards the sunset.…

When’s the Best Time to Surf in Portugal?

Inspiration 17. Aug 2021

Portugal is located in southwestern Europe, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. The Mediterranean climate here makes it one of…

Rapture Surfcamp Costarica Woman getting ready for the Surf

Budget surf trips: 10 ways to save money

Inspiration 4. Aug 2021

You don’t have to sacrifice your life savings to score epic waves. Check out our budget surf trip tips…

Surfer in Costa Rica

Why is surfing popular? Here’s 25 reasons!

Inspiration 22. Jun 2021

Surfing is bigger than ever. Though an ancient Polynesian pastime imbibed with spirituality and cultural significance, it only began…

Top 10 surfing destinations in the world

Top 10 surfing destinations in the world

Inspiration 22. Jun 2021

Google “world’s top surf spots”, “top 10 surfing beaches” or any similar query and you’re going to come up…

Style like a surfer with these 12 tips

Inspiration 14. Jan 2021

You probably know what surfer style looks like, but do you actually know how to style like a surfer?…

Surfer making a Shaka sign

A message from Rapturecamps about COVID-19

Bali 27. Jun 2020

Updated on 28.10.2020 Rapturecamps helps to connect travelers all over the world with premium surf camp accommodation and epic…

8 Reasons Why Bali is the World’s Most Beautiful Surfing Destination

Bali 6. Jun 2020

If you’re looking for dynamic surfing spots with a large variety of breaks to suit any level of surfer…

The safest family-friendly surf destinations around the World

Inspiration 13. May 2020

As a bachelor, bachelorette, carefree couple, or small group of friends, surf trips are relatively simple. You choose a…

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