The tropical paradise of Bali is famous for being a top Surfing Destination, as well as a backpacker’s dream and first-class resort location. Surf conditions in Bali are great year-round for all levels of surfers, from beginner to expert. The Bukit boasts a range of reef and sandy beach breaks, including world-famous spots like Padang Padang, Uluwatu, Bingin, Impossibles, Balangan, Dreamland, Green Bowl, Gunung Payung and Nusa Dua — all within easy reach of our 2 Bali surf camps.

Are you looking for the perfect reef breaks, the best surfing spots or simply a packing list for traveling to Bali? Look no further as Rapturecamps got all that information organized for you!

Surfer making a Shaka sign

A message from Rapturecamps about COVID-19

Bali 27. Jun 2020

Updated on 28.10.2020 Rapturecamps helps to connect travelers all over the world with premium surf camp accommodation and epic…

8 Reasons Why Bali is the World’s Most Beautiful Surfing Destination

Bali 6. Jun 2020

If you’re looking for dynamic surfing spots with a large variety of breaks to suit any level of surfer…

Rent premium Surf equipment in Bali: travel light and avoid extra baggage fees

Bali 14. Feb 2020

At Rapturecamps, we like to keep things smooth and straightforward, so we are welcoming Awayco in our location in Padang-Padang (Bali)…

Uluwatu Beach Bali

Some expert travels tips for your first learn to surf trip to Bali

Bali 23. Aug 2019

Enjoy a few travel tips courtesy of Rapture Surfcamps that are guaranteed to help make your first learn to…

Aerial shot of Padang Padang

What to know before booking a surf camp in Bali

Bali 15. Jul 2019

Booking a surf camp in Bali with us is a piece of cake, but if you have any questions…

Beginner's surfboard on the beach

6 of the best tips for beginner surfers

Bali 16. May 2019

It’s easy to find articles about famous locations that feature “epic waves”, killer tubes and jaw-dropping breaks. But as…

Surfen Lernen auf Bali Massen vermeiden

How to avoid the crowds and catch more waves in Bali

Bali 16. May 2019

If you want to learn to surf in Bali but aren’t too keen on crowded waves, check out our…

The 5 Best Places to Learn to Surf

Bali 12. Nov 2018

There are a number of great surf spots in the world. It’s easy to find articles about famous locations…

Life Guard in Costa Rica

What to Know About Travel Insurance for Your Surf Trip

Bali 2. Nov 2018

Some may say surf trip insurance is a boring topic. It is definitely an overlooked one in our opinion…

Rapturecamps Bali Yoga

Yoga Surfcamp in Bali: practice yoga and surfing together

Bali 31. Oct 2018

The practice of yoga and the art of surfing go perfectly together. They compliment one another in terms of…

surfing bali

Surfing in Bali: Travel tips, surfing spots and some hidden treasures

Bali 31. Oct 2018

Due to its quality spots and incredible swell during summer, people travel to Bali from all over the world.…

bali rainy season

Why You Should Surf in Bali During The Rainy Season

Bali 31. Oct 2018

Known alternately as the “off-season” or “wet season”, the Bali rainy season provides an alternative to the tourist crowds…

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