In search of a surf camp that nails both stellar waves and superb amenities?

Welcome to our Green Bowl Surfcamp, where each detail is crafted for surfers and travellers seeking comfort alongside their ocean adventure. We’re located on the Bukit Peninsula, just a stone’s throw away from world-class waves and spectacular temples.

Wondering what you can expect from a visit here? We’ve got the answered with this guide to Green Bowl Surf Camp and all of its amenities. 

Discover Green Bowl’s Luxurious Surfcamp

Surfers here can access top-notch amenities that elevate their stay and surfing experience. The camp caters to your every need, making it a standout among many surf camps in Bali. Some of the amenities include:

The Infinity Pool Experience

At the Rapture surf camp in Green Bowl, the infinity pool is more than just an attraction—it’s a tranquil haven that offers breathtaking vistas of the Indian Ocean on one side and the verdant rainforest on the other.

Imagine lounging in the lovely pool, the cool water lapping against your skin as you soak in panoramic views that ignite your senses. It’s an experience that perfectly encapsulates the luxury and serenity that Green Bowl is renowned for.

Eco-Friendly Accommodations

Luxury meets sustainability at Green Bowl Surfcamp. The camp boasts eco-friendly accommodations that seamlessly blend Western design with traditional Javanese elements. These villas are specifically designed to integrate with the environment, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability without sacrificing comfort and style.

Surf’s Up: Hitting the Waves with Expert Guides

An image of surfers and instructors on a beach in Green Bowl

The camp’s surf program offers personalized surf lessons tailored to different abilities, so that each guest receives individual guidance. Here, you won’t just learn to surf; you’ll master the art of riding waves.

Beginner Surfers’ Haven

The beginners surf program is designed to accommodate varying skill levels and daily surfing conditions, providing an ideal learning environment for beginners. Here, you will be equipped with the necessary gear and receive safety-focused instruction to safely experience the thrill of riding your first waves.

Intermediate Surfers’ Progression

For surfers who are already comfortable in the water, Green Bowl provides the perfect platform to further refine your skills. The surf program offers tailored lessons to hone techniques like timing, positioning, and wave-riding maneuvers. In addition, guided surf tours offer personalized experiences at various types of breaks, allowing you to broaden your surfing horizons.

Imagine exploring the following at Green Bowl:

It’s a surfer’s paradise, and it’s all waiting for you at Green Bowl, the ultimate destination for those seeking a true surfer’s paradise experience.

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Bali’s Bukit Peninsula: Your Gateway to Endless Surf

The Bukit Peninsula, home to Green Bowl Surfcamp, has long been recognized as a luxurious surfing destination. With its rugged cliffs, untouched sands, and optimal concentration of swells due to deep-water channels, the peninsula boasts unique and excellent surf conditions. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, you’ll find a wave that suits your style and skills.

Conveniently located less than an hour’s drive from Bali International Airport, Green Bowl Surfcamp is easily accessible, offering a seamless transition from the hustle and bustle of travel to the tranquility of the surf camp. So, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable surf holiday at one of the best surf camps in Bali!

Year-Round Surf Paradise

Whether you’re planning your surf holiday during the dry season from May to September or during the wet season from October to April, the Bukit Peninsula offers year-round surf opportunities. Thanks to offshore winds and consistent swells, you can catch perfect waves any time of the year.

Imagine riding the waves under the bright sun during the dry season or escaping the crowds for some wave action during the wet season on the west coast. No matter when you choose to visit, Green Bowl Surfcamp is ready to offer a true surf paradise experience with incredible surf breaks and amazing surf spots.

So, when are you catching your next wave on the east coast?

Beyond Surfing: Yoga, Socializing, and Exploration

An image of a yoga class at Green Bowl Surfcamp

At Green Bowl Surfcamp, the adventure doesn’t stop at surfing. The camp offers a holistic experience with daily yoga sessions, socializing opportunities, and Bali discovery tours. Enjoy a blend of physical and mental wellness activities that complement your surfing experience.

Start your day with a rejuvenating yoga session, riding the waves under the guidance of expert instructors, and then winding down with a relaxing massage. And when you’re not surfing or practicing yoga, you can explore Bali’s unique culture through organized excursions or by renting a motorbike for a solo adventure. 

It’s more than just a Bali surf camp. It’s a lifestyle that encourages you to discover the best Bali surf camps for an unforgettable experience.

Daily Yoga Sessions

Starting your day with a yoga session at Green Bowl offers an experience like no other. The classes focus on:

These surf sessions accommodate surfers of varying experience levels, whether you’re a yoga enthusiast or a beginner. They will enhance your overall surf camp experience.

Practice yoga in a tranquil environment, with the lush jungle backdrop and the soothing sounds of the ocean enhancing your experience. The daily yoga sessions are included with your stay, allowing for consistent practice and relaxation post-surfing. It’s a perfect way to unwind and rejuvenate your mind and body after an exhilarating surf session.

Bali Discovery Tours

To fully immerse yourself in the Balinese experience, Green Bowl Surf Camp offers organized cultural excursions. These tours allow you to explore the island’s unique culture, including temple visits, traditional dance performances, and trips to volcanic mountains. Whether you’re a culture enthusiast or a nature lover, there’s an adventure waiting for you.

For a different pace, you can experience tours to the nearby Gili Islands, renowned for their white sand beaches and exquisite clear waters. If you prefer a more independent adventure, rent a motorbike to explore Bali’s sights that include the famed Uluwatu sanctuary just a 30-minute ride away.

Connectivity and Comfort: Modern Amenities for Digital Nomads

Green Bowl Surf Camp caters perfectly to digital nomads and modern travelers craving both adventure and productivity. Blazing-fast WiFi provides seamless connectivity for remote work, while poolside laptop stations surrounded by lush gardens create an idyllic scene for productive sessions between surf outings. 

Embracing the rising trend of work-from-anywhere lifestyles, Green Bowl delivers the ideal balance of surf camp thrills and professional comforts without compromise.

Stay Connected: Easy Access and Support

Convenience rings true at Green Bowl Surf Camp with its prime location under an hour’s drive from Bali’s international airport. Skip the hassles of arranging transportation—the camp provides an airport shuttle service for a simple arrival experience. Once you’ve settled in, Green Bowl makes sure your stay is worry-free with attentive support staff just a call or message away. 

Need restaurant recommendations? Activity bookings? The team is ready to lend a hand at a moment’s notice. By prioritizing accessibility and responsive service, this surf camp allows you to fully immerse yourself in the Balinese surf lifestyle without a hitch.

Surfing Like a Pro at Green Bowl Surf Camp

Whether you’re a beginner surfer looking to catch your first wave, an intermediate surfer hoping to refine your skills, or a digital nomad seeking a tranquil workspace with stunning views, Green Bowl Surfcamp is the place to be. So, are you ready to embark on a surf journey like no other, create lasting memories, and experience the magic of Bali’s surf culture? Join us at Green Bowl, and let the adventure begin!