The practice of yoga and the art of surfing go perfectly together. They compliment one another in terms of physical fitness in areas like balance, flexibility, strength and control. They also have many other aspects in common, such as ancient origins and a strong spiritual aspect. That’s why we offer both at Rapture Surfcamp Bali.

Rapture Surfcamps in Bali offers the perfect blend of surfing and Yoga for those seeking an unforgettable experience on this beautiful island. With a focus on both physical and mental wellness, guests can indulge in invigorating surf lessons while also finding tranquillity in the Yoga classes offered at their surf camps. 

Whether you are an advanced surfer looking to enhance your skills or a seasoned Yogi in search of a deeper practice, Rapture Surfcamps caters to all skill levels. Immerse yourself in the vibrant Balinese culture, exploring stunning surf spots such as Padang Padang beach, and embark on a holistic journey that promotes overall well-being. 

With daily breakfasts, ample time for Balinese massages, and the opportunity to learn about the local cuisine, the schedule at Rapture Surfcamps Bali ensures a memorable and enriching experience in paradise.

Many surfers practice yoga to improve their physical fitness, as well as their concentration, motor skills, and conditioning. It is also a great way to relax both physically and mentally after a demanding surf session.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds in Bali – Yoga and Surfing

Located in Padang Padang and Green Bowl, our surf camps in Bali provide free daily yoga classes for all guests. Our yoga instructors are all fully certified and well experienced. They are experienced in teaching poses most useful for improving surfing skills and stretching all those sore muscles. Imagine enjoying a healthy breakfast and then taking part in daily yoga sessions on a tropical beach. It is simultaneously relaxing and invigorating – the perfect way to start a day of surfing Bali’s world-famous waves!

Yoga Rapture Surfcamp Bali
A Yoga session at our Rapture Surfcamp in Bali

About our Yoga Surf camp in Padang Padang

Yoga Surf Camp Padang Padang is owned and operated by people who love beautiful beaches, surfing, yoga, food and sharing the magic of this amazing island. It provides an intimate resort experience within a traditional Balinese atmosphere.

Where is Rapture Surfcamps located in Padang Padang?

Situated on the Bukit Peninsula just 3km (2 miles) north of the temple at Uluwatu is Padang Padang, aka the “Balinese Pipeline”. Accessible by steps from the main road, Padang Padang has two breaks — the famous left break and the gentler right. The gentler break is perfect for learning to surf, longboarding and practicing technique.

The idyllic 120-metre white sand beach at Padang-Padang is as famous for both its beauty and its waves. Julia Roberts even shot romantic scenes for the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” there! A great place to do yoga, incredible for surfing and unbeatable for relaxing in a beautiful, tropical setting, Padang Padang suits pro surfers, beginners and family vacationers and offers the complete Balinese experience.

Since the surf break is offshore, bathers can swim the shallows or sit on the beach and watch all the surf action Padang Padang is famous for. Close to Padang Padang you’ll find other stellar surf spots including Bingin, Uluwatu, Balangan, Impossibles and Dreamland. 

About the accommodation in Padang Padang

Guests at our Padang Padang camp can choose from several traditional Balinese bungalows to suit a wide range of budgets. We have luxurious air-conditioned villas, inexpensive dorm accommodation and fan-cooled bungalows for two. There’s something for everyone! Accommodation prices include daily yoga classes, surf-guiding and unlimited trips to local surf spots from Monday to Saturday. Half board included with daily breakfast and 5 dinners per week.

About our Yoga Surfcamp in Green Bowl

Green Bowl is a pristine beach, accessed via a long set of steps leading down from our camp. Nestled amongst caves and surrounded by steep, green hills, it’s a stunning location. No crowds, coupled with fast and hollow waves, make this spot a hidden gem. Yoga Surfcamp Bali Green Bowl is a laid-back, fun and friendly resort. Our surf school is run by surfers who love the lifestyle and sharing the stoke with others.

Where is the  Green Bowl camp located?

Our Camp in Green Bowl is located just 80 meters behind the secluded surf break of Green Bowl (aka Green Ball, Green Balls or Greenbowls), which is the midway point on the south coast of the legendary Bukit Peninsula. Green Bowl is surfable almost all year long. The ocean floor is bowl-shaped, which during low tide, reflects the surrounding greenery of the hills. Green Bowl is close to several of the island’s other best surf spots, such as Padang Padang, Uluwatu, Bingin, Balangan, Impossibles, Dreamland, Nusa Dua and Gunung Payung.

About the accommodation at Green Bowl

Guests staying at Green Bowl can choose from a variety of suites, as well as inexpensive, shared, air-conditioned dorms. All suites feature air conditioning, private bathroom, USB television connection, hot water and private deck areas. Accommodation prices include daily yoga classes, surf guiding plus unlimited trips to local surf spots from Monday to Saturday. Half board is also included with daily breakfast and 5 dinners per week.

Rapturecamps - Yoga Surfcamp Bali
Rapturecamps – Yoga Surfcamp Bali

Services at Yoga Surf Camp Bali

Rapture Surf Camps offers a range of services options at both of our Bali locations:

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