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An image of surfers at the beach in Tamarindo

Sip, Surf, and Socialise: Best Hangouts in Tamarindo

Costa Rica 15. Jul 2024

The first thing you notice about Tamarindo isn’t the waves or the golden sand. It’s the buzz. This sun-drenched…

An image of surfers in the sea in Bali

Surfing Lessons 101: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Inspiration 14. Jul 2024

Surfing can be one of the most thrilling experiences if you’re willing to put in the effort and time.…

An image of a beach in costa rica

Choosing the Perfect Surf Retreat: What to Look for in Beach Hotels in Costa Rica

Costa Rica 13. Jul 2024

Nestled along the Pacific coast of Central America, Costa Rica beckons surfers from around the globe with its warm…

An image of a Rapture Surfcamps class

From Wipeouts To Wave Riding: What To Expect From Surfing Classes

Inspiration 11. Jul 2024

Want to start surfing? Surfing classes are the safest and quickest way to learn. Taking a surf lesson will…

An image of a food buffet at Rapture Surfcamps

Surfer Diet: What To Eat When You’re Surfing

Inspiration 10. Jul 2024

As the first light of dawn breaks over many beaches across the world, surfers are already paddling out, their…

An image of a surfing lesson on the beach in Ericeira

Your Complete Guide To Surfing In Portugal: Tips, Tricks, And Top Spots

Portugal 9. Jul 2024

Portugal’s Atlantic Ocean coastline has something to satisfy every surfer’s appetite. From the mellow rollers perfect for beginners to…

An image of Rapture guests relaxing on the rooftop

5 Reasons Our Surf Camp Offers the Best Surfing in Portugal

Portugal 7. Jul 2024

Are you searching for the best surf break in Portugal? Look no further than our surf camps. From locations…

An image of gallo pinto

Savoring Tamarindo: A Surfers Guide To The Best Eats

Inspiration 6. Jul 2024

If you’ve made your way to Tamarindo for the waves (and those incredible sunsets), you’ll also want to know…

An image of a point break surf

What Is a Point Break and Why Do Surfers Love It?

Inspiration 5. Jul 2024

Ever heard of point breaks? And no, we’re not talking about the movie… Point break waves form along headlands…

An image of guests relaxing at Rapture Surfcamps Bali

Swap Snow For Surf: Why Bali Is The Perfect Winter Escape

Bali 4. Jul 2024

Are you dreaming of getting away from the winter’s chill this year?  For Europeans, winter is just a few…

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