Imagine scenic cliffs draped in vibrant blue hydrangea bushes overlooking crisp Atlantic swells rolling onto golden sandy beaches. This is Ericeira, Portugal’s captivating surf capital located just north of Lisbon. 

With its beginner-friendly beach breaks, consistent year-round waves, and abundance of surf camps and instructors, it’s the perfect spot to embark on your surfing journey. Whether you’re looking to catch your very first wave or progress your skills, this quaint fishing village’s surf-stoked culture and amenities will transform you into a confident surfer. 

Get stoked to ride Ericeira’s renowned rights and lefts!

Your First Wave: Starting Your Surf Journey in Ericeira

Imagine the thrill of standing on your board for the first time, the crisp sea air brushing against your face, and the sun casting its golden hue over the horizon. Ericeira, a gem on Portugal’s south-central coast just 20-odd miles from Lisbon, is the ultimate destination to turn this vision into reality. As Europe’s Surfing Mecca and the continent’s first World Surfing Reserve, Ericeira’s allure is undeniable. 

Ericeira features:

The Ericeira Surf School from Surf Camp offers surf lessons that:

Ericeira offers the thrill of surfing with consistent waves, surf camps for all levels, and a warm, vibrant community. As Europe’s Surfing Mecca and the first World Surfing Reserve, it’s an ideal surf destination.

Choosing the Right Ericeira Surf Lessons

Selecting the ideal surf school in Ericeira is like finding the perfect wave—it’s about the right fit for your style and aspirations. With the town’s reputation as a world surfing reserve, you have an array of surf schools at your disposal, each offering experienced instructors whose teaching methods are vital for a solid surfing foundation. The quality of instruction can vary, however, so opting for recognized surfing schools gives you more chance of finding a consistent and effective learning experience.

The good news? With structured surf lessons averaging around 35 euros for a 1.5-hour session and small group sizes, you’re guaranteed personal attention without breaking the bank. Being in such an environment is not only cost-efficient but also fosters safety and improvement, which is crucial when you’re navigating the tides for the first time.

Certified Coaches and Quality Instruction

Learning from certified coaches makes a big difference in your surf journey. In Ericeira, surf instructors proudly hold certifications from the Portuguese Surfing Federation, bringing a wealth of experience to their teaching—a testament to the high standards of surf education in the town. You’ll walk away with personal feedback that’s gold for your progression in the sport.

Equipment Essentials: What You Need to Start

Before you can ride the waves, you need the right gear. In Ericeira’s cool waters, a wetsuit is non-negotiable for comfort and protection. Depending on the season, you’ll want to slip into a 3/2 mm wetsuit during the warmer months or a thicker 4/3 mm suit when it gets chillier. Don’t forget the booties and a hood in winter for that extra warmth.

Surf schools here are well-equipped to provide beginners with soft-top boards, which aren’t only safer but make learning much more manageable. Plus, they’ll hook you up with all the additional equipment, like leashes and wax, so you can focus on catching those waves during your surf lessons rather than worrying about your gear.

Ericeira’s Best Beginner-Friendly Spots

An image of two surfers looking over a beach in Ericeira

Ericeira’s coastline is a mosaic of surf spots, but as a beginner, you’ll want to know the crème de la crème of locations that are forgiving yet fun. Beaches like Foz do Lizandro and São Julião, just south of town, are renowned for their gentle waves and sandy bottoms, making them perfect for those just starting out.

When the stars align, Praia do Sul can also serve up beginner-friendly waves, with its variety of beach breaks catering to different skill levels. Remember, matching your chosen spot to your experience is key to a safe and enjoyable surf session.

When to Visit: Timing Your Surf Trip for Optimal Waves

Timing is everything, and in Ericeira the perfect window for beginner surfers stretches from May to September. These summer months gift you consistent wind swells, which are just what you need when you’re learning to surf.

But don’t discount spring and autumn, as these seasons serve up milder waves ideal for honing your skills. Plus, you’ll find conditions suitable for all levels from beginners to intermediate and advanced surfers, including local surfers.

Safety First: Understanding Surf Etiquette and Conditions

An image of a group of surfers relaxing on their boards in the sea

While the allure of the surf is strong, understanding the rules of the waves is super important for a safe and enjoyable experience. Basic surf etiquette, such as the ‘right of way’ rule, not ‘dropping in’, and avoiding ‘snaking’, are non-negotiables for maintaining harmony among surfers. 

Ericeira’s surf community is built on respect—-acknowledging mistakes, adhering to local customs, and assisting fellow surfers when necessary set the tone for a positive environment.

And always remember to choose waves that align with your skill level, ensuring your safety and allowing for steady progression. A good surf instructor will ensure that you progress at a steady pass and understand the fundamentals. It’s not all about hitting the best waves, but instead showing that you understand safety, no matter whether in a beginner group or are rolling with a more advanced surfer.

Making Memories: Photo and Vídeo Resources

As you surf the waves of Ericeira, capturing those moments becomes part of the adventure. Respected surfer photographers in the area, like Octavio Scholz, specialize in immortalizing your wave-riding escapades. If you’re a beginner and want to remember your first big surf trip, Rapturecamps is here to help document your time in Ericeira.

Whether you’re carving up a storm or just catching your first green wave, these professionals will ensure you have the photos and videos to relive the thrilling feeling of having the offshore winds behind you as you feel a big swell under your feet.

Beyond the Board: Activities and Amenities at Rapture Surfcamp

Rapture Surf Camp is nestled right on the beachfront of Ericeira, a prime surfing location that makes it a highly desirable option. The camp offers a full experience including lessons, gear, dining, and lodging within a vibration zone. With its premium location and range of amenities, Rapture Surf Camp provides a true surfing experience that allows guests to fully experience the sport.

The extracurricular activities add another layer of excitement to your stay. Whether you’re paddleboarding on the glistening waters, finding your zen in a yoga class, or exploring the enchanting Old Town with a rental bike or skateboard, there’s something for everyone.

And because Ericeira is located close to the Foz Do Lizandro beach, which is perfect for beginners, you could easily grab your gear after your surfing lesson and put in some extra practice hours in the afternoon. If you love surfing, this is the place to be!

Savor the Local Cuisine

The culinary scene is as diverse as the waves you’ll ride. You’ll be spoiled with a menu that marries local flavors with international recipes, crafted to delight meat lovers and vegetarians alike. Chef Mikey, the camp’s in-house culinary wizard, is adept at satisfying a spectrum of dietary preferences with mouthwatering meals.

From daily breakfast to dinner, and not to forget the special BBQ night on Saturdays, your palate will be on a delicious journey. After a long day of solo surf lessons or with others at a surf camp, this is a great way to relax, unwind, and get your body the fuel it needs after a day on the water.

Relaxation and Social Spaces

After a day riding the waves in the Atlantic Ocean, Rapture Surfcamp’s communal areas, also known as the surf house, are sanctuaries of relaxation and social engagement. The pool area, with its tranquil atmosphere and breathtaking ocean views, is the perfect spot to unwind and soak up the sun after enjoying a beach break at one of the nearby surf camps.

Then there’s the spacious terrace, where you can indulge in relaxation, sunbathing, or even join a yoga session under the open sky.

Accommodation at Rapture Surfcamp

When it comes to accommodation, Rapture Surfcamp has something for every taste and need. Solo travelers and groups will find camaraderie in the shared rooms, while those seeking solitude can opt for private rooms that offer a bit more personal space. The camp’s lodgings are designed to comfortably host up to 50 guests, with a blend of double rooms, dormitory settings, and private apartments, all ensuring you feel right at home.

And let’s not forget the prime location. It’s just a two-minute walk from Coxos Beach, so you’re never far from some of the best surf conditions around. 

Getting Started in Ericeira

As the sun sets on our guide to surfing in Ericeira, we hope to have infused you with excitement and confidence to embark on your surf journey. From the welcoming waves of Europe’s Surfing Mecca to the comforting embrace of Rapture Surfcamp, Ericeira is a destination that promises growth, adventure, and a community that celebrates every success on the surfboard. Whether you’re paddling out for the first time or refining your skills, remember that the perfect wave isn’t just about the ocean – it’s about the experiences, the people, and the memories you create along the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of accommodation options are available at Rapture Surfcamp?

Rapture Surfcamp offers shared rooms, private rooms, and apartments, providing options for different preferences and ensuring comfort near the beach. No matter what type of surf trip you have in mind, this is a great place to enjoy a surf lesson, where you can learn from an experienced, respected surfer.

Are there other activities besides surfing available at Rapture Surfcamp?

Yes, besides surfing, Rapture Surfcamp offers activities such as paddleboarding, yoga, and exploring Ericeira’s Old Town with rental bikes or skateboards. So, there are plenty of options to choose from aside from surfing, although many people head here for surf school. The west coast of Portugal has everything you could ask for, beyond being home to some of the best surfers in the world.

Is Ericeira good for advanced surfers?

Contrary to popular opinion, surf lessons aren’t only for beginners; learning from a recognized surf instructor is a great way to ensure that you stay safe and ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest trends. As surf spots go, Ericeira is up there with the very best, with plenty of surf school options to choose from.

What is the difference between the intermediate and advanced levels when it comes to surf lessons?

While the experienced local surfers might make it look like a walk in the park, intermediate surfers will tell you that there’s a big step up in quality between them and the people who do it all day, every day. More experienced surfers just know how the water will break before it happens, which is to be expected if you live within walking distance of the water, where big swells are a daily occurrence.

What will I learn at a local surfer school in Ericeira?

At an Ericeira surf lessons school, you’ll be able to learn all the key terms, including surf line, reef breaks, point breaks, green waves, and so much more. You’ll be able to learn from the local surfer population during your free time; people who have spent their entire lives hitting the waves on the south coast of Portugal. While it might take time to learn how to surf, and you won’t be wowing an international surf judge any time soon, joining an Ericeira surf school is a great way to learn the basics.