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You’re on holiday in a surfing paradise. A place with so many world-class breaks dotting the picturesque coastline you can’t try them all. Not this time. And what of this town and its surroundings? What does this sleepy Portuguese fishing village have to offer besides waves?

Are there things to do in Ericeira when you’re not surfing besides eating, sleeping and winding down with a cold beer while the sun sets? Of course there are, but why would you want to do any of them?

Whether you spend two, five or ten hours in the water each day, you’ve got to eat and unwind. Portuguese food isn’t great for those on a vegetarian diet, but if you eschew meat you’ll get by on soups, bread, cheeses, eggs and the like. If you eat fish then you’re in luck, but of you’re a vegan you’ll probably have to self cater.

As for drink, you may have heard about Portuguese wines. Port, Moscatel, reds and whites from the Douro, and vinho verde (green wine) should all be on your to-do list. And while Portugal might not be famous for beer, an imperial (draft) is always refreshing on a hot summer day. In Ericeira, try out the local artisanal beers by Mean Sardine, including American pale ale Amura.

Here’s a list of places to eat and drink in Ericeira:

Vira Copos: On Rua do Caldeira, this wine and tapas (petiscos) bar is more highbrow than rustic and shows painting from Portuguese artists. Check out one of their wine tasting events or jazz concerts.

eat and drink in Ericeira
Vira Copos (image: Facebook)

Pizzamobile: With locations at São Lourenço and Ribeira d’Ilhas surfing beaches, this joint offers up beautiful views, fresh juices and of course, great pizzas.

Casa Gama: If you’ve got a sweet tooth, check out this traditional Portuguese bakery for cookies and cakes. Located at number 9 on Calçada da Baleia, Casa Gama opened its doors back in 1963 and has barely changed since.

Taberna do Lebre: This bar and beer garden is well loved for its staff, drinks and prices. A patron on FourSquare says, “A visit to Ericeira without going to the Lebre just isn’t the same.”

Tasca da Boa Viagem: Typically Portuguese and proud of it. Situated on Rua Capitão João Lopes, Tasca looks just like an old seaside restaurant should. It serves a range of traditional Portuguese fare and is decorated with azulejos (painted blue and white tiles).

eat and drink in Ericeira
View from Tasca da Boa Viagem (image: Facebook)

Golfinho Azul: We already mentioned that Ericeira is a traditional fishing village, so if you like fresh seafood, head to Rua da Praia at São Lourenço beach. The Golfinho Azul (blue dolphin) is known for great food, stunning views and live jazz, blues and bossa nova.

Vira Latas: Portuguese snacks (petiscos) and drinks in cosy surroundings, try Vira Latas to experience traditional Portuguese culinary culture. They also serve local Mean Sardine beers.

Adega Bar 1987: Get great snacks and fine wines while listening to live folk music from all over the world. And don’t miss Adega’s fado nights.

eat and drink in Ericeira
Adega Bar 1987 (image: Facebook)

Esplanada Furnas: A sea-themed restaurant serving up fresh fish, Furnas is situated on the rocks and next to the popular nightclub Ouriço along the sea and near the pier in Ericeira. Enjoy the food and the atmosphere!

Lead image: guillermo varela (Flickr CC)