New Year’s Eve is the most celebrated night of the year, but not everyone wants to head out and join in the revelry. If you’re looking for a peaceful way to celebrate, here are five ideas on how to spend a quiet New Year’s Eve. Whether it’s catching up on quality time with family or taking some time for yourself, these low-key activities will help you ring in peace and quiet. You are going to love them especially if you are an introvert!

1. Watch the NYC Ball Drop and movies from home

Bring in 2024 from the comfort of your couch with your favourite movies. There are a whole lot of festive movies that you can watch perfect for this time of the year. Not sure about what you want to watch, check out this list of top 35 movies that you can watch on New Year’s Eve.

Don’t want to mingle with the large crowds but still want to bring in the New Year with the iconic NYC Ball Drop. Watching the NYC Ball Drop on TV is a convenient way to partake in the iconic New Year’s Eve tradition from the comfort of your home. As the clock nears midnight, tune in to the live broadcast, and experience the electric atmosphere of Times Square as the Waterford Crystal ball descends, marking the arrival of the new year.

You can enjoy the performances, the countdown, and the dazzling fireworks display without braving the crowds.

A cosy room with rustic interiors - a room at Rapture Surfcamps, Padang Padang
Enjoy Movies, the NYC Ball Drop and other iconic NYE events from the comfort of a cosy bed at Rapture Surfcamps.

2. Who doesn’t love board games?

If you choose to stay home and have company, fill your home with laughter with the board games. Get out the detective in you with Scotland Yard or show how great vocabulary is with a game of Scrabble. No matter how big your group, there are a number of board games to liven up your night.

3. Bring in New Year’s Eve with a surf trip

One of the best ways to usher in New Year’s is to travel and make it even better with a surf trip. Getting to a new place, enjoying its local cuisine and the best sunsets sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Learning a new skill is new year resolution for many people, so why not learn surfing? Irrespective of where you are an experienced surfer or have never surfed before, ending the year and beginning the new one by the beach can never be a bad idea!

If you are looking for the best destinations and stunning properties to learn surfing, Rapture Surfcamps has got it sorted for you. Making people fall in love with surfing at 5 of the world’s top surf spots, Rapture Surfcamps’ stunning properties and holistic itinerary is surely a great way to bring the New Year.

Planning a Surf Trip? Think Rapture Surfcamps

4. Best time for some self-love

While the world buzzes with all the New Year’s excitement, make sure you don’t forget to take care of yourself. Use this time to practice some self-love. This unique approach to welcoming the New Year allows you to reconnect with yourself, fostering a sense of inner-peace. What you choose to do is completely up to you – a luxurious bubble bath, reading a calming book, meditating or anything else that helps you rewind and relax.

A bar in Ericeira
Say no to Crowded Bars with Virtual Cocktail Events for Quiet New Year’s Eve
Pic: Pedro Ribeiro Simões (Flickr CC)

5. What about a virtual cocktail night?

If you and your friends live in different places and if all of you hate crowds equally, you can plan a virtual cocktail event with them so all of you can bring in New Year’s together while enjoying the cocktails you made together.  Make sure to send the list of ingredients to your friends can be prepared beforehand. You can also add a movie to this call to make it even more fun.

In a world that often moves at breakneck speed, taking the time to spend New Year’s Eve quietly can be a precious gift to yourself. Whether you choose to cozy up with a good book, reflect on the year’s journey, or savor a quiet evening with loved ones, these moments of tranquility can be the perfect way to reset and recharge.

But as you embrace the serenity of a quiet New Year’s Eve, remember that adventure and excitement await in the year ahead. If you’re looking for an exhilarating way to start the new year, why not consider a surfing trip with Rapture Surfcamps?

Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a beginner, they offer the perfect opportunity to connect with nature, ride the waves, and create unforgettable memories. So, as you bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new, keep the call of the waves in mind, and let Rapture Surfcamps help you make 2023 a year filled with surf, sun, and unforgettable experiences. Book your surfing adventure today and ride into the new year with style!