We at Rapture Surf Camp are extremely proud of our own website and the way how we present ourselves to you. Additionally, we also work with a network of partners and we wouldn’t be where we are without them. From time to time we are visited by some of our partners and it’s always a true pleasure to receive them. Olmo runs a surf travel agency from Amsterdam and he came all the way over to visit our Surf Camp in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. We got to speak to him and were stoked to hear about his experiences.

Hi Olmo, was this your first visit to Nicaragua?

‘’Hi guys, thank you for reaching out. It certainly was my first visit to Nicaragua and it will also certainly not be the last one. It’s such an amazing country, where I especially liked the people, the weather and the great surf. San Juan del Sur has so many beaches (I haven’t even been to all of them) that there’s always good surf around.’’

What did you think of the location of our surf camp in Nicaragua?

‘’The surf camp in Nicaragua is located brilliantly. It’s outside of the centre of San Juan del Sur, but still not far. There are cars going to the centre all the time. Additionally, it’s just minutes away from one of the most famous and best surf beaches around Playa Maderas. These beaches include a number of great spots for beginning surfers. This mix between really being away from the busy life, but still having the option to go and look out for the buzz is something I really like.’’

And what about the camp itself?

‘’The pool at the camp in San Juan del Sur I will never forget. The view it gives you is just truly amazing. There are also many yoga classes that really ensure an atmosphere that makes everyone relax. Such experiences are also about relaxing and getting back to your inner self I believe – and that’s something the guys in Nicaragua have understood very well.’’

Have you met Vincent?

‘’I’ve certainly had the opportunity to meet Vincent. Coincidentally his mother was around too to visit him at the camp. We’ve had a very nice chat and his stories about first getting to San Juan del Sur I will never forget. And to hear how they’ve built up the camp from scratch also was very inspiring. The surf camp is a true example of how hard work over the years has paid off tremendously.

With Vincent, we were sat down at the bar, where I got to enjoy an amazing cocktail from their bar. While overlooking the great views we have been talking about our own experiences too, places where we’ve surfed, partied and met new people. A really cool guy and it was clear that his professionalism has made the surf camp to the amazing place it is nowadays.”

And what about our camp in Costa Rica?

‘’I sadly didn’t have the opportunity to visit the surf camp in Playa Avellanas. However, I know how amazing the surf is around this area (incl. Tamarindo) and Costa Rica certainly is on the list to visit in the nearby future. I cannot wait to also see the camp over there and explore more of the country as it’s so rich in terms of nature, wildlife, beautiful beaches and much, much more.’’

Who is Olmo?

‘’I’m Olmo and I live in the Netherlands (Amsterdam). Together with my partner Hans, we run two online travel agencies and both focus on different markets. SurfaWhile and Errant Surf both represent Rapture Surf Camps on the Dutch-speaking and international market and we are proud to be working with such an amazing company.