At Rapturecamps, we like to keep things smooth and straightforward, so we are welcoming  Awayco in our location in Padang-Padang (Bali) to offer gear free travel and the best surfboards to rent to our guests.

Light & Gearless Travel with No Extra Baggage Fees

With a very pragmatic concept for surfers around the globe, Awayco emerges in the surfing universe as a membership program. This membership allows you to search and reserve a global network of high-quality gear (surfboards, skis, snowboards, etc.).  Not only a solution for traveling lighter, but it will also enable you to discover and try out new equipment before buying it.

Become a member and book the gear you want at and then pick it up form our Surfcamp in Padang. You only need a confirmation email and your ID to do so. You can keep the gear for as long as you have reserved it and then return it when the period reaches its end.

Additionally you can choose between two different kinds of membership: Flex Membership and Prime Membership. Check out the pricing for Awayco Membership if you want to give it a try! Although Awayco is covering minor/moderate damage to any rented equipment, if the gear is severely damaged and with no room to repair, Flex members will be charged USD 300 for the replacement cost. On the other side, Prime Members don’t need to pay anything.

Equipment & Fees

Our surfboards always come with fins and a leash. Also, they will be delivered to you conveniently waxed, but you can always put another layer. Moreover, you can book up to 5 pieces of equipment at once! At the moment you can only use the equipment you have booked. Nevertheless, Awayco soon will have a solution so you can switch your equipment.

Keep in mind that if you bring back the gear too late, you will be charged a late fee. This fee represents 2x the price of the first day of the rental. For example, if your first day is USD 20, the late fee is USD 40.

Now let’s talk about the cancellation fee. If you are a Flex member and want to cancel your booking, you will have to do it 48h before the starting date. If you don’t do this, you will be charged for the first day of your booking. As a Prime member, you can cancel up to 24h prior, for free.

In the case that your gear isn’t picked up by the end of the day of your 1st booking day, it will automatically be canceled, and you will be charged. If there are any delays, please contact Rapture Surfcamps Padang and let them know. We will always try to make the best arrangements for you.

Get rid of the extra baggage fees, travel light and become an Awayco member today!