A film by Daniela Kohler about paddleboarding, staying true to yourself and getting out of your comfort zone that our surf house in Ericeira is proud to be a part of – coming to Boardriders Ericeira 2.10.2019.

Taking place over 3 years and across 6 countries, Daniela Kohler’s film Paddle to Purpose is an epic adventure in every sense of the word. With ups and downs, laughter and tears, successes and setbacks. It begins at the nadir of Daniela’s life and documents her journey to find a sense of purpose through world travel and paddleboarding.

“A profound personal journey from Austria to our surf house in Ericeira, all the way to the Philippines and back again”

Raw, relatable and compelling, her story demonstrates how getting out of your comfort zone forces you to be honest with yourself. And that profound personal growth can be achieved when you embrace the harsh realities that come with the unknown. It’s this message that gives Paddle to Purpose its heart, but it’s the unfettered way in which Daniela delivers it that gives it its soul. From her site:

“My journey starts with the hardest decision I have ever made in my life. At 32, I decided, in one day to turn my back on the life that I thought I wanted.

Stuck in a vicious cycle of dependency, self-sabotage and depression, the choice, in my state of mind was… do or die. I decided, that same day, without even knowing it, to enter the wilderness of a quest to find… something.

Something my soul was crying for. Facing the fear of the unknown, feeling the pain of an epic break-up and also tasting freedom, I felt compelled to document this process. I also felt compelled to surf and travel. And so I did.

Daniela at our surf house in Ericeira
Daniela at our surf house in Ericeira

From confronting my past in Malaysia, discovering my roots in the Philippines and in the Austrian alps, to pushing my personal limits in Zurich and at Rapture’s surf house in Ericeira.

I learned so much from the challenge to become a stronger surfer, a stronger person and what begins as a paddle out of something, becomes a paddle into something bigger than I could have ever imagined.”

“We believe strongly in Daniela’s message and have got her back every step of the way”

Rapture Surfcamps is proud to have played a part in helping Daniela throughout her journey by providing her with accommodation at our surf house in Ericeira. Daniela herself has said that she felt a connection with Rapture. Citing our shared core values and emphasis on sustainability as major reasons why she considers us a part of her family.

Daniela catching a wave near our surf house in Ericeira
Daniela honed her paddleboarding skills while staying at our surf house in Ericeira

Of course, the fact our surf house in Ericeira is located in one of the most desirable locations in all of Portugal definitely helped. From here she was able to find solace during turbulent times and focus her energy into developing her skills as a paddleboarder. Tackling unruly Atlantic Ocean swells and surfing a wide range of new and exciting breaks that tested her both physically and mentally.

“During her time her Daniela became part of the Rapture Surfcamps family”

While staying with us, Daniela was free to spread her wings and meet people from around the world. Whilst also enjoying the many comforts and beautiful amenities of our surf house in Ericeira. And drawing strength from the fact that we are backing her 100% of the way throughout this chapter of her journey.

Daniela coming back after a paddleboarding session near our surf house in Ericeira
Nothing like a paddleboarding session to make you smile

Now, with filming completed and premiers set to take place in Austria, Switzerland and Portugal on the 2nd of October, you can watch Daniela’s personal transformation played out on the big screen. With all her biggest triumphs and most challenging moments laid bare. In addition to stunning cinematography from some of the most exotic surf destinations on planet earth.

“Become a part of Daniela’s adventure by checking out her screening at Boardriders Ericeira”

If you think you’re ready to embark on this journey with Daniela and Rapture Surfcamps, jump onto the relevant Facebook event page and register your interest. Alongside the screening of Paddle to Purpose, there’ll also be live music and a speech from Daniela herself at select locations. Don’t forget to bring a few shekels either, since there’s a small admission fee. All ages are welcome.

To help you get more involved in this project, Daniela and the team at Tontheatre Productions have also set up a crowdfunding initiative that you can support. Simply head on over to her website by clicking here or ask the team at our surf house in Ericeira. Every donation will help further Daniela’s message and give others the courage to find purpose in their life – no matter where that journey takes them.

Paddle to Purpose. A film by DANIELA KOHLER & tontheater productions

For a new journey to begin, the old one has to end. This is my story and my truth. My paddle to purpose.

Surfing is like life, its not the wave behind or in front that counts.. it’s the one you’re riding on that makes you feel alive.