Are you looking to hit the waves this holiday season? Look no further! December and January provide the perfect opportunity for a surfing getaway. From the tropical shores of the Phillipines to the sunny beaches of Australia, here are some of the best surf destinations to consider for a Christmas surf trip.

These destinations not only offer a great surf sessions but also a range of fun activities and beautiful landscapes to explore. So, grab your board, book a cheap flight and make the most of your Christmas surfing holidays in the sun. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the joy of surfing during the festive season.

1. Taghazout

Taghazhout’s surf season begins in September and goes on till April making it a great location to go surfing in December.  Around December, you will easily find more than 15 surf spots around Taghazout. And if you are planning to go surfing in December to escape the cold weather, this is the perfect place Morocco has warm temperatures during most parts of the year including the month of December.

The surf spots in and around Taghazout are varied so everyone from beginner surfers to advanced surfers can ride the waves to their heart’s content. Taghazout is known as the surf capital of Morocco and so is home to several surf camps and surf schools.

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2. Bali

Bali has great surfing opportunities all year round. November to March is its wet season which despite the rains is an excellent time to go surfing in Bali. You are bound to find lesser crowds during this time. Not just that, go surfing in Bali in December if you are looking to save a few bucks because this is the time when the rates are lower.  

The warm water and consistent waves makes surfing Bali in December a very good choice. The waves are perfect for learning or improving surf skills and suitable for all levels of surfers. Some of the popular surf spots in Bali’s wet season include Padang Padang, Green Bowl, Keramas, Serangan, Nusa Dua, Sri Lanka(Bali) and Sanur among the others.

3. Nicaragua

When it comes to surfing in December, Nicaragua is a top destination for both beginners and advanced surfers. With warm waters and consistent waves, it offers the perfect conditions for a thrilling surf session during the holiday season. December falls in Nicaragua’s dry season, which typically is from November to April.In Nicaragua, the prime surf spots in December include Playa Maderas, Playa Hermosa and Playa Colorado.

These beaches offers a variety of waves suitable for all skill levels. Beginners can enjoy gentle, beginner-friendly waves while more experienced surfers can find challenging breaks to test their skills. The water temperature in Nicaragua during December ranges from 80°F (27°C) to 85°F (29°C). This warm temperature makes surfing comfortable and enjoyable, allowing surfers to spend hours in the water without getting too cold.

In conclusion, this holiday season offers a unique opportunity for surf enthusiasts to blend the joy of Christmas with the thrill of riding the waves. The three destinations highlighted – the sunny beaches of Sydney, the tropical paradise of Hawaii, and the laid-back charm of San Diego – provide surfers with diverse experiences that cater to different preferences and skill levels.

Whether you’re seeking the adrenaline rush of powerful waves or the serene beauty of a tranquil surf spot, these destinations promise an unforgettable Christmas surfing adventure. So, pack your board, don your Santa hat, and head to one of these incredible surfing destinations to make this Christmas a truly memorable and surf-filled celebration. May your holidays be filled with the sound of crashing waves and the warmth of the sun as you carve through the waters in festive cheer.

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