A typical moroccan village with houses painted in light blue

We have prepared a list of places and things you must do when you are visiting Morocco. From astonishing landscapes to typical souks and markets, we got everything planned out for you!

When thinking about Morocco, we immediately imagine endless and beautiful deserts with Oasis and camels walking towards the sunset. But that’s not all Morocco’s famous for! Surfing a-side, Morocco is an African gem ready to be discovered and explored!

Besides touring all over this amazing country, also remind yourself to always taste the delicious typical dishes that make Morocco known for its bright colours.

Now, let’s get down to business and discover everything Morocco has to offer:


Represents one of the biggest cities in Morocco. It’s considered to be also one of the most important port cities in western Morocco (just in front of the Atlantic Ocean). This city was once under French colonial rule, so you can easily see a blend of Moroccan architecture with a bit of a European flair, along with Moorish influence.

The most well-known monument to visit in this city is without a doubt the huge Hassan II Mosque.  Being the second-largest mosque in the world, this monument has an astonishing decoration on every inch of its facade, floor and ceiling. Please notice that if you are a non-muslim you can only visit the mosque on guided tours.

Medina (Marrakesch)

Medina refers to a city’s old town or historical centre. Hence, a lot of cities have their own “Medina”, or old town. The town of Marrakesch was initially settled on this Medina, and over time the city grew around it. You can find narrow and mazy streets that make you think you are in a magical primordial place. Around these streets, you will find a traditional market with tradesmen that kindly make your way to you and try to make their sales. It’s a great place to get to know the local feeling, and if you are lucky you will have the chance to gaze at typical “holy men” called Koubbas.

You can also take a stroll around the busier streets of Marrakesch, and be sure to have a stroll in the Souks. They represent traditional markets divided by each type of item to trade or sell. You’ll see herbalists, spice sellers, metal workers, tanners, and food markets all organized in a big common open space.

Medina (Fez)

If you are after an astonishing cultural experience, you can’t miss Fez! It’s located o the Northeastern part of Morocco and it’s considered to be the countries cultural capital. Fez is filled with artists, galleries and traditional craftwork such as pottery, carpets, and leather goods. The Medina in this city is surrounded by old stone walls, and inside you will find the typical labyrinthic streets that you will see all over the country.

Other places you can visit in  Fez are:

  • Leather tanneries;
  • Blue Gate (city entrance);
  • Bou Inania (an old school founded in 1300s).

Aït Benhaddou

A perfect example of Moroccan earth clay architecture, this place represents what the Moroccan call an ighrem or ksar (historical fortified village). Since 1987 it’s been considered to be a World Heritage Site (UNESCO), and was first constructed in the 11th century. This was an important and strategic location next to a valley along the main Saharah trade routes. Although it’s a historical site that you can visit, you will be surprised to see some locals still living on the other side of the river, making space for the old fortification to be explored by tourists! It has also been a stage for several movies, such as:

  • The Mummy (1999)
  • Gladiator (2000) 
  • Babel (2006)
  • Prince of Persia (2010)

Aït Benhaddou was also featured on the famous TV series Game of Thrones!

Chefchaouen (Blue Village)

A typical moroccan village with houses painted in light blue
Rapture Surfcamps Moroccan Typical Village

Equally known as Chaouen, this is a city in located northwest Morocco. It’s famous for its picturesque vibe due to the several shades of blue you can find all around the city. During the old times, it was under the control of civilizations like the Portuguese and the Spanish, which made this city a village a vibrant clash of cultures. Surrounded by a delightful landscape composed of mountains, this village is supposed to remind people of Heaven and God (also represented by the blue colour).

Rabat (The Capital)

Situated next to the Atlantic ocean and bathes by the Bouregreg River, this city is known for its Islamic culture and artistic heritage, and also its French-colonial heritage landmarks. One of these special landmarks you can’t miss is the Kasbah (a central part of the city, surrounded by a type of fortress). This type of building was created to place a leader during an attack of enemies, for its protection.  

The city’s icon is the Hassan Tower (a minaret from the 1200s) that soars above the ruins of a conventional mosque.

Gorges of Dades

Also known as ‘The Valley of One Thousand Kasbahs’, this is a place for explorers, hikers and nature lovers. Composed of a series of rugged wadi gorges carved out by the Dadès River in Morocco, these multi-coloured walls can reach 500m high. If you are an inexperienced hiker, we strongly recommend you go with a guide so you can safely visit this stunning place.

Idriss Zerhoun

Located in northern Morocco, Idriss Zerhoun is spread over two hills at the base of Mount Zerhoun, considered to be the birth of Islam in the country, settled by the Idrisid dynasty. There is plenty of exploring around to do. If you go into town you can find several guides that will take you to walking/hiking routes. You can also discover the delicious typical bakeries, olive pressing shops and the best coffee around town!

You can also see the ruins of Volubilis at a distance. It’s an interesting place to visit, representing a typical Berber ancient village.

Ouzoud Waterfall

Situated near the village of Tanaghmeilt, this waterfall is a breathtaking place where you can gaze at the Atlas Mountains. On the way there, you will also be able to see small Berber Villages.

Best Moroccan beaches

A must-see whenever you go to Morocco, and very popular among tourists, are the arches of Legzira beach. It’s a unique and special beach where you can find two mammoth stone arches. It’s a beautiful beach, with amazing views embellished by its red cliffs.

Another important and beautiful beaches are Agadir beach, near the airport, very famous among Europeans looking for a winter escape. Moreover, the Mirleft beach (Sitting 129 kilometres south of Agadir) and Essaouira Beach should also be on your travel list. Especially the latter which has tons of options for watersports and also camel riding!

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Two camels walking in the moroccan desert
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