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Looking for the ultimate surf school in Portugal? Ericeira is one of the world’s best places to learn the art of surfing. At Rapture Surfcamps Portugal you’ll have access to a wide variety of waves that are consistent all year round. Enjoy sunny and warm summers, fresh seafood and delicious specialties, incredible nature, and an alluring local atmosphere. All members of our staff are helpful, knowledgeable, and eager to share their passion for surfing with people from all over the world.

Learn to surf in the best location in Portugal

Ericeira is a surf mecca, which combines the charms of a traditional Portuguese fishing village with the sophistication of a modern European holiday spot, replete with fine restaurants, cosy pubs and a buzzing summer nightlife. The incredible breaks and pristine condition of the local beaches and water prompted environmental organization Save the Waves Coalition, in co-operation with the International Surfing Association (ISA) and the National Surfing Reserves of Australia, to select Ericeira as a dedicated World Surfing Reserve — the first and ONLY one in Europe.

Rapture Surfcamps Portugal surf school is situated just meters from Foz do Lizandro beach, a long and mellow wave that is perfect for beginners. We are also within easy reach of 9 of Europe’s top surf breaks. The immediate area around the village of Ericeira is home to a cluster of world-class surf spots. It is a small 8-km (5-mile) area of coastline that comprises the most famous of the 7 surf regions of Portugal, including Ribeira d’Ilhas, a regular feature on the ASP World Tour Surf Championship.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a surf school

Have fun

Learning to surf can be an exciting, fun and rewarding experience. As you progress you will gain a sense of achievement and pride. But no rush — enjoy yourself and the glory of catching your first wave. It’s a thrill that only surfers know!

Make sure you’re in good hands

When choosing a surf school, it’s important to known you will feel safe and be in competent and experienced hands.

Choose the best waves for learning how to surf

Another great aspect of our surf school in Ericeira is that you’ll have access to long, gentle, medium-sized waves like the ones at our local beach, Foz do Lizandro. Other nearby spots, such as São Julião and Praia do Sul, are also suitable for beginners learning how to surf.

Instructors at our surf school in Portugal

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or a seasoned expert, our instructors strive to provide you with a stress-free, fun, and enjoyable learning environment where you can advance your skills. We are serious about teaching surfing techniques and knowledge, helping to choose the proper equipment, and getting you to the right surf spots for your specific skill level and taste. We also want each and every one of you to enjoy all the non-surfing aspects of your visit to Ericeira.

Our instructors are intimately familiar with Ericeira’s surf spots as well as other regional breaks, their conditions, and the necessary skill levels required to surf them at any given time. All our coaches hold European surf instructor licenses and have a combined 30+ years of surfing experience.

Surf lessons and equipment

Surf lessons are held every day except Sunday, though you are free to use our surfing equipment on Sundays if the conditions in the water allow free surfing. If you do not wish to take lessons, but would still like to hire equipment, surfboard and wetsuit rental are available on a daily basis if weather conditions allow it.

We also provide yoga lessons on an amazing terrace at our camp, surf-gear insurance (something that is highly recommended), and airport transfers service to and from Lisbon Portela Airport.

Rapture Surfcamp Portugal
Our board shack

About the accommodation at our Surf School in Portugal

Guests may choose from private and shared rooms at our surf house at Foz do Lizandro beach or private surf apartments which are located in the camp as well.

Stay in our beachfront surf camp in Foz do Lizandro

  • 2-story traditional Portuguese villa
  • 30 minutes walk from Ericeira town center
  • Meters from Foz do Lizandro beach.
  • Shared dining room and rooftop terrace.

Stay in one of our apartments

  • for more comfort and privacy you can rent one of the 3 apartments we own located close to our surf camp
  • Beach and/or countryside views
  • Equipped with bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room and BBQ
  • Suitable for families and groups looking for more privacy

Some of the surfing concepts our surf instructors will teach you in Portugal:

Surf Lesson Beginner

• Safety intro and beach awareness
• Surf equipment
• Paddling
• Catching a wave
• Standing up on your board
• Surfboard control
• How to ride a wave towards the shore
• Improving your stance
• Surf awareness
• Improving technique

Surf Lesson Intermediate

• Paddling out techniques
• Going “out the back”
• Choosing as well as timing your waves
• Riding unbroken waves
• Sitting on your board
• Angled take offs
• Positioning yourself in the line-up
• Using rip currents
• Refining your timing and wave choice

Rapture Surf School Portugal - Surf Lessons Ericeira Photo
Surf Lessons
Surf Lessons Ericeira