Thinking of going on your very first surfing trip, but aren’t sure whether to book a surf camp, surf house or a surf school? We’ve got you covered!

All the information you need to make a decision regarding choosing between these three options is right here. Read on to find out more.

When planning a surf trip, you are sure to shortlist some of the best surf destinations that you want to go to, such as Indonesia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Portugal. But since this will be your maiden surf adventure, you want a little tutelage from an expert and make sure you are in the right place to learn to surf. Standing up on a surfboard is trickier than standing on a skateboard or snowboard after all.

You are sure to come across surf houses, surf camps and surf schools when looking for surf lessons and accomodation. Only to realize that you have no idea as to which of these is the right option for you.

Will booking a surf camp be a little too intense for a first timer? Won’t a surf school offer more flexibility, allowing me to surf and travel as I please? And what is a surf house and how is it different from the first two?

These are questions everyone has when they first start piecing together their learn to surf adventure.

The truth is though that all the options are totally viable. It really just depends on the individual. So,to help you reach a verdict our team here at Rapture Surfcamps have created this helpful guide, which breaks down the differences between a surf camp, a surf house and a surf school. Allowing you to do a little research before you pull the trigger on your trip so you can start your journey off on the right foot.

Booking a Surf Camp

If you have dreams of becoming the next Gabriel Medina or Stephanie Gilmore, booking a surf camp is hands down the best option. Why is that though?

Did we mention that most surf camps are also located in some of the dreamiest surfing destinations around the world?

Booking a surf school

If you’re short or time or have missed out on booking a surf camp for whatever reason, have no fear. Booking a surf school has a few benefits. It’s also better than not surfing, right?

Surf schools are perfect if you want a little taste of the learn to surf experience, but they’re no substitute for booking a surf camp

Booking a Surf House

Surf houses are smaller and more luxurious versions of surf camps. These are unique accommodations tailored for a smaller group of surf enthusiasts seeking an immersive, and convenient surfing experience.

These specialized lodgings have gained popularity in coastal destinations worldwide, providing surfers with an environment perfectly suited to their passion.

So which one is right for me?

Surfers linking hands in the water
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Taking all of this into account, it’s clear that booking a surf camp is ideal for those who want the full surfing experience. You can get value for money, convenience, the chance to make new friends and the opportunity to improve their skills in rapid time. The only thing is you’ll need to find the time to book a surf camp, given that they often run over multiple days.

A surf house may be ideal for someone looking to learn in a smaller group and always wants a luxurious touch to their surf trip.

For people who like to travel ad libitum style, a surf school is more than likely right up your alley. Keep in mind though that unless you’ve already had a couple of lessons prior and managed to stand up on a board before, a 1-hour surf school session may not offer enough time to actually get the hang of surfing. And nobody wants to go home from their learning to surf holiday without actually learning to surf, right?

Whether you book a surf house, a surf camp or a surf school, here are some tips to make sure you have a wonderful surf trip:

Learn to surf with experienced instructors in dreamy locations!

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What is the main difference between a Surf Camp, a Surf House, and a Surf School?

While all three cater to surf enthusiasts, they serve different purposes. A Surf Camp typically provides a comprehensive surfing experience with accommodation, lessons, and a community atmosphere. A Surf House focuses on providing accommodation with a surfing vibe, and a Surf School primarily offers surf lessons without accommodation.

What can I expect from a Surf Camp?

A Surf Camp is a comprehensive surfing experience that usually includes accommodation, surf lessons, equipment rental, and a community atmosphere. It’s a great choice for those looking for an immersive surfing experience with like-minded individuals.

Is accommodation included in a Surf School package?

No, a Surf School primarily focuses on surf lessons and skill development. Accommodation is typically not included, and participants are responsible for arranging their own lodging.

Are Surf Houses suitable for beginners, or are they more geared towards experienced surfers?

Surf Houses cater to a range of surf enthusiasts, from beginners to experienced surfers. They provide a relaxed atmosphere with a surfing vibe, making them suitable for those looking for a surf-centric accommodation experience.

What amenities are typically available at a Surf House?

A Surf House typically offers accommodation with a surfing theme or atmosphere. Common amenities include communal spaces, surfboard storage, and a location close to surf spots. Some may also offer equipment rental or collaborate with nearby Surf Schools.

Can I attend a Surf Camp without any prior surfing experience?

Yes, many Surf Camps welcome participants with no prior surfing experience. They often provide beginner-friendly lessons and equipment, making it an excellent choice for those looking to learn to surf in a supportive environment.

Can I bring my own surfboard to a Surf Camp or Surf House?

Yes, many Surf Camps and Surf Houses allow participants to bring their own surfboards. However, they also usually provide rental equipment, so you have the option to use their boards if you prefer.