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Learn to Surf in Ericeira - Catch Perfect Waves at the World Surfing Reserve

The majority of Portuguese pro surfers come from Ericeira due to the high quality of its waves. One of the longest breaks, Ribeira d’llhas, hosts two WSL competitions annually. Surf Ericeira – the area has many beaches for beginners to learn on with the best beach break – Foz do Lizandro – right outside our camp. For more experienced surfers Ericeira World Surfing Reserve offers many perfect left and right-hand reef breaks and tubes to ride.

Foz do Lizandro, our home sand beach, represents the perfect stomping ground for beginners. Its mellow waves and sandy bottom make it is a great place to learn how to surf. All of the breaks we frequent are within a 10km radius of the camp. The Atlantic Ocean can get very cold and the reefs can be sharp so we advise you to wear a 4/3 wetsuit and booties. In the summer the air temperature can reach highs of 30+°C so the cool water actually feels nice and refreshing.

What you will learn in our Surf School

Over the last 15 years, we have taught surfing to over 12.000 people around the world. The certified, knowledgeable instructors at our surf school make sure that you achieve your goals whether you are just starting out as a beginner or you are an advanced surfer who wants to improve their technique.

Before going out in the water, you will learn the basics of surfing and water safety in our surf theory class. You will also hear about surfing etiquette: what to do or not when paddling out and catching waves. Our local instructors are experienced professionals who know the area really well and will guide you through every surf lesson with passion and friendliness.

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Intermediate Surf Lessons in Ericeira
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Our Surf Lessons

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