Yoga and surfing go together. They compliment one another in terms of physical fitness in areas like balance, flexibility, strength and control. They also have many other aspects in common, such as ancient origins and a strong spiritual aspect. That’s why we offer both at Rapture Surfcamps Portugal.

It’s no wonder why so many surfers practice yoga. Some practice to improve their concentration, motor skills and conditioning. Other’s do it to simply to relax or wind down after an intense session of shredding. If you are a serious surfer or just someone who likes to catch a few waves now and then, there are many reasons why you should do yoga.

Yoga Surfcamp Portugal
Yoga session at our Surfcamp in Portugal

Surf and yoga: enjoy the best of both worlds at our surf camp in Ericeira

Our Ericeira surf camp offers very affordable yoga lessons for all our guests. Fully qualified, certified and experienced yoga instructors will help you with the poses, or asanas, that are most useful for surfing. Breakfast, followed by a relaxing, but invigorating, yoga session is the perfect way to start your day; a day filled with surfing at some of the best and most consistent waves in the world.

Yoga as a good exercise to complement surfing

It is extremely effective at strengthening your core, stretching muscles, improving balance and teaching you how to control your breath, which are all important if you want to surf your best. By undertaking yoga sessions at our surf camp, you can enhance your surfing abilities and improve your strength, paddle power, flexibility and aerobic fitness. In short, yoga will help you surf better!

Yoga is great for surfers because it includes so many exercises and poses that are extremely effective for strengthening your core, stretching your muscles, improving your balance and controlling your breathing. These can enhance your surfing abilities as well as keep you in good shape.

Yoga Surfcamp Portugal
Yoga session held at our Surfcamp in Ericeira

Why is Ericeira a fantastic location for your surf and yoga holidays?

Ericeira is truly something special — just ask the Save the Waves Coalition, which selected it as Europe’s 1st and ONLY World Surfing Reserve. CNN Travel also chose Ericeira as the only European entry for its 4 super swell surf towns. At our Rapture Surfcamps Portugal you can surf Europe’s best waves, practice yoga in a peaceful and beautiful natural setting, and also relax on a clean, environmentally certified Blue Flag beach, located just steps from Rapture HQ.

One of the best surfing locations in Europe

For beginners and experts alike, our Yoga Surfcamp Portugal is within 20 km/12 mi — or 10 minutes by car — of all of Ericeira’s famous surf spots. This includes hollow-point breaks and reefs and long beach waves. Ericeira is home many of Portugal’s pro surfers due to its world-class breaks. Spots like Ribeira d’Ilhas, which hosts two annual world surfing competitions, including part of the ASP World Tour Surf Championship.

A small town with an impressive cultural backdrop and plenty of things to do

And that’s not all — Ericeira is close to many historical sights and the perfect spot for many additional nature-based activities, such as hiking, horseback riding, paddle surfing, swimming and other water sports. It is also a perfect place for anyone who is looking just for some entertainment and fun with friends. When you’re not surfing, doing yoga or other active pursuits, you can always enjoy the great local food, wine and atmosphere Ericeira offers. Come experience this amazing place and see what all the fuss is about!

The accommodation in our Yoga Surfcamp in Portugal

Our surf resort was showcased as one of the Guardian newspaper’s Five of Portugal’s best surf lodges piece. We have accommodation to suite all tastes and budgets at Rapture Surfcamp Portugal. Choose from rooms at our surf house, private apartments, resort cottages or villas.

House accommodation

Rapture Yoga and Surfcamp HQ is a big 2-story traditional Portuguese villa, located 15 minutes on foot from Ericeira town centre. The camp is just a few steps from the long and mellow waves of Foz do Lizandro beach.

Surfing conditions are visible from the windows of our lounge, where guests can watch TV or a surfing DVD. The house also features a large dining room and free Wi-Fi Internet. Our garden is a great place to lie down in the sun on a daybed. Come and enjoy a beer or glass of one of the many fine, regional wines.

Private surf apartments

Private accommodation at Rapture Yoga and Surfcamp Portugal consists of 3 apartments, which are next to the villa and feature beach and/or countryside views. All apartments are fully equipped with bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room and BBQ facilities.

Rapturecamps outdoor lounge
Besides Yoga lessons there’s much more! SURF & YOGA WITH US

Check all the services we offer at our camp in Portugal

We’re just 35 km north-west from Lisbon. Join us for some yoga and surf in the only World Surfing Reserve in Europe featuring the best surf spots on the Old Continent.