Last Updated: 27.11.2023

Situated on Costa Rica’s beautiful coastline, Playa Avellanas  offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Located close to the Tamarindo beach and the Liberia International Airport, you can enjoy its pristine white sand beaches, unmatched surf breaks, and breath-taking natural beauty. 

It is the perfect spot for both beginner and expert surfers looking to catch a wave. Costa Rica’s Playa Avellanas is very popular with beginner surfers during the dry season. You can get to Playa Avellanas via dirt roads, creating a sense of adventure as you make your way to this beach paradise. With just enough restaurants and beachfront bars, you can relax and soak up the sun while enjoying delicious food and refreshing drinks.

There are plenty of activities in the Tamarindo beach area, beyond surfing, to occupy the light (and dark) hours of your day. Whether you enjoy hikes in nature or exploring the ocean bottom, whether you prefer the peace and quiet of the jungle. Or if you’re into horse-back riding on the shoreline, ziplining through the treetops, or simply lazing on the beach, Playa Avellanas offers a lot of fun things to do to its visitors. Also if you prefer the hustle and bustle of a resort town, Playa Avellanas got you covered!

1. Enjoy Tamarindo’s vibrant nightlife

Tamarindo beach is a world-famous beach and surfing party town and it’s only a 20 minutes drive from Rapture Surfcamp’s home base. A little (or not so little) partying post-surfing? Not a problem. Various reggae bars, salsa clubs, and lounges are waiting for you. We offer shuttles from camp to Tamarindo at any time of the day or night or we can help you organize a taxi if you prefer to venture out on your own.

2. Relish the Delicious Local Cuisine

Tamarindo is a food heaven: for those who’d rather indulge in yummy food and cocktails amidst the peace and quiet of the jungle, there are various restaurants all walking distance from camp. Choose from famous “Lola’s” beachfront restaurant on Playa Avellanas, try Italian fare, opt for rich but healthy local food, or fresh seafood prepared to your liking.

3. Watch Breathtaking Sunsets at Playa Avellanas

Once-in-a-lifetime gorgeous beach sunsets on Playa Avellanas waiting for you nightly. Take a long walk along the endless shoreline located just a few minutes from our camp. Walk north or south, the beach never stops – even after the sun sets.

Sunset on the Beach in Costa Rica
Sunset on the Beach in Costa Rica

4. Have Fun with Underwater Activities

Since there is as much life under the sea as there is in the jungle outside,why not experience scuba diving or snorkelling? Tamarindo offers excellent options to enjoy underwater activities and surf camps like Rapture Surfcamps assist their visitors to help book for such activities.

5. Relax with some Yoga

And if that’s not enough beach time for your merman/maid soul, twist yourself into a pretzel right on the sand with FREE beach yoga classes daily courtesy of Rapture Surfcamps.

6. Spend a Day in one of the National parks

A visit to one of the 3 national parks in the area will leave nature lovers breathless. Diriá, Barra Honda and Palo Verde National Parks. Only a short drive away from camp, are home to a fantastic variety of animals and tropical plants; such as parrots, monkeys, turtles, and crocodiles to name a few.

Costa Rica Jungle Sunset
Jungle Sunset

7. Try some Extreme Sports and Outdoor Activities 

If you need more extreme adventures hop onto yet another kind of board and drop into the skate bowl at Playa Negra. Or experience high-speed zip lining over the canopy top and see the jungles of Costa Rica from a bird’s eye view!

8. Have a swim in the jungle

On Sundays, our day off from surfing, we’ll take you to the famous “Llanos de Cortes” waterfalls. Also, we take you hiking through the tropical jungle to a beautiful site where we’ll spend the day swimming under the waterfalls!

Waterfall in Costa Rica
Rapture Surfcamps Costa Rica Llanos de Cortez Waterfall

9. Visit a local surfboard factory 

If you’re a passionate surfer who has always wanted to enjoy the behind the scenes fun, you can visit the world-famous Che Surfboards. Learn what makes the perfect shape. Rapture Surfcamps organizes an excursion to the site for their visitors where they’ll show them around. Also, they will take them through the steps of the “making” the perfect surfboard.

10. Join in a Sunset Bonfire

Last but definitely not least, once a week join us on the beach to enjoy a sunset bonfire along with some drinks before dinner.

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