Want to surf a different world-class break in Costa Rica every day of the week? Read on to find out why they call Playa Avellanas a “surfer’s paradise” in Costa Rica! The beautiful surf breaks during this part of Pacific coast has to offer is unmatched.

These eight surf spots make Playa Avellanas the top surf destination for all levels in Costa Rica, and they’re all within a short distance of some of the best surf camps in Costa Rica including the Rapture Surfcamp, Playa Avellanas!

1. La Purruja, Costa Rica

La Purruja is a lefthand reef break that was named after a bar on the beach that generally sees its best conditions during the rainy season. Considered to be one of the must-surf waves near Playa Avellanas.

On its good days, La Purruja can deliver excellent waves that are well suited to confident surfers. Given its propensity to pump, it has become a mecca for male and female wave enthusiasts seeking the ultimate reef break ride in Costa Rica.

If you want to flex your top to bottom surfing skills and maybe tuck into a barrel or two, La Purruja is the place to be.

2. El Parqueo, Costa Rica

El Parqueo is a beach break that’s known for its peeling waves that run both left and right. Due to the fact it is one of the more forgiving breaks near Playa Avellenas, El Parqueo is perfect for true beginners and intermediates alike.

Longboards, foamies and retro boards with plenty of volume are the surf craft of choice at this beach break. If you intend on surfing El Parqueo, make sure you arrive here at mid-tide.

This is when the waves are at the mellowest (and most fun). Totally surfable during the rainy season, however, since it cannot handle a lot of swell you’ll find that the dry season sees more rideable days on average.

If you are new to surfing, enrol in surf lessons at the nearby Rapture Surfcamps at Playa Avellanas.

3. El Palo, Costa Rica

If a barrelling wave over a sand bottom beach break sounds like your cup of tea, El Palo will be right up your alley.

Located in front of a dead mangrove tree, it breaks both left and right and is suitable for surfers of all skill levels. This ensures that couples or groups of friends of varying abilities can share the line-up and spread that collective surf stoke.

El Palo is a rainy season wave that is at its most spectacular at high tide. Note that the rides here aren’t particularly long, but that’s no reason not to paddle out. All this means is that you will be able to catch more waves in a shorter amount of time!

4. El Estero de Avellanas, Costa Rica

Your search for one of the best surf spots in Costa Rica is over. Introducing El Estero de Avellanas – a sand/reef break in front of a river mouth with A-frame peaks that peel both left and right.

Both beginners and more advanced surfers might just ride the wave of their trip at El Estero de Avellanas or perhaps even the wave of their life! When it switches on, you can expect the waves to run for well over 100 meters.

Surf El Estero de Avellanas during the dry season or the wet season, it doesn’t really matter. It has a tendency to pick up swell all year and has therefore earned a reputation for being extremely consistent. Best on low-tide with an easterly offshore wind.

5. Little Hawaii, Costa Rica

Little Hawaii in Costa Rica is neither little nor located in Hawaii, which might make you second-guess whether or not it is worth surfing. Take it from the team here at Rapture though, Little Hawaii is a premium Costa Rican wave that deserves your attention.

One of the more northern spots on our list, this righthander runs over a rock bottom and is best surfed on a low to mid-tide. Extreme caution should be taken when surfing Little Hawaii, given the many underwater hazards.

For those with the skills and the bravado to take it on, you’ll be suitably rewarded with some seriously hair-raising rides. A genuine big wave spot for experienced surfers only.

6. Playa Negra, Costa Rica

Those who have seen Endless Summer II know what to expect. Those who haven’t should book a surf trip to our surf camp or at the very least rent a copy of this seminal surf flick to discover the reasons why it is a world-famous wave.

Its famous righthand barrel is formed by a narrow channel between the rocks where the swell rushes over a shallow rocky bottom. Given that the take-off zone is concentrated on a small spot, the lineup can get crowded with only two dozen surfers. The good news is that the waves at Playa Negra are very consistent year-round.

Most people come to surf Playa Negra during high-tide, since low-tide exposes the many underwater rocks and is reserved only for daredevil lunatics looking for the ultimate barrelling ride.

7. Playa Langosta, Costa Rica

Although Tamarindo is a more popular vacation destination, many surfers prefer to ride Playa Langosta.

This wave breaks both left and right over a sandy bottom. It can also be quite fast and powerful when conditions are right. Since it plays second fiddle to Tamarindo, Playa Langosta is often less crowded and therefore one of the better spots to surf if you prefer solo sessions.

Beautiful, imposing and incredibly serene, Playa Langosta is best on a low to mid-tide with a swell height of at least 1 meter. Enjoy the fact that you can surf an isolated peak all to yourself and don’t forget to drink in the natural beauty of this stunning beach.

8. Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Probably one of the most consistent of all surf spots around Playa Avellanas, Playa Grande is a fun and enjoyable beach break, especially on a good south swell.

There are outer reefs that cause the waves to close out at low-tide, but from mid-tide onwards you can look forward to A-frames, tube rides and plenty of playful lefts and rights. Not to mention that Playa Grande is often double the size of Tamarindo on a south swell. Skilled surfers take note!

For the best conditions, visit Playa Grande on a mid-tide roughly 3 hours before or after high tide. Note that at dead high-tide there is a possibility you will experience strong backwash.

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