Top 5 Surf Spots in Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica

These five surf breaks, all within a short distance of Rapture Surfcamp, make Playa Avellanas the top surf destination for all levels in Costa Rica. And if 5 is not a number big enough for you, we’ve included 3 extra surf spots that are also close to camp. Where else can you surf a different world-famous break every day of the week? That’s why they call Playa Avellanas “surfers’ paradise”!

Come visit us, we’d love to take you on a surfari!

La Purruja – left hand reef break, best conditions during the rainy season.

El Parqueo – beach break with long, smooth waves, ideal for beginners and less advanced surfers. Best conditions at mid tide during the dry season.

El Palo – beach breaks on/to the left and right, little barrels.

El Estero de Avellanas – rights and lefts over reef and sandy bottom, perfect A-frames, ideal on low tide during the dry season. Probably one of the best surf spots in Costa Rica.

Little Hawaii – this most northern spot is the locals favorite: a right hander goes over rocks and reaches up to 18ft. of height, ideal on low to medium tide. Be careful, it can be dangerous! This spot should ONLY be surfed by experts.

But that’s not all we’ve got. Check out these 3 extra spots!

Playa Negra – Those who have seen Endless Summer II know what to expect. Those who haven’t should only know there are more than enough good reasons for the spot to be chosen for the movie. Its famous right-hand barrel is formed by a narrow channel between rocks where the surf rushes over a shallow rocky bottom. As the take off zone is concentrated on a small spot the line-up is crowded with only two dozen surfers, which can gather quite quickly. The surf of Playa Negra is very consistent year-round and it attracts the pros among the surfers. Most people come to surf during high tide as low tide exposes rocks under water. At low tide only dare devil lunatics surf the fast, perfect tubes.

Playa Langosta – Although Tamarindo is a more popular vacation destination, many wave enthusiasts prefer Playa Langosta. The surf breaks to the left and right over a sandy bottom and is quite fast and powerful.

Playa Grande – Probably one of the most consistent of all Costa Rican surf spots, Playa Grande is a quality beach break, especially on a good south swell. There are outer reefs which make low-tide not ideal (close-outs mostly), but from mid-tide on, it is A-frame, tube rides, fun, playful lefts and rights. On south swells, Playa Grande is often double the size of Tamarindo waves. Best conditions – mid-tide, around 3 hours before/after high tide. At dead high-tide beware of the possibility of strong backwash.

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