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Can I cancel my booking?

Here is the quick lowdown of our cancelation policy.

Cancellations and rebookings made by the customer
All requests for cancellations or rebookings must be submitted via email. The cancellation period is defined by the receipt of the cancellation. In cases of cancellation, the below fees may apply, depending on the cancellation date.

60 days in advance 10%
45 days in advance 20%
30 days in advance 40%
20 days in advance 70%
12 days in advance 100%

If a guest does not cancel and does not turn up, they will receive no refund.
Those who wish to cancel their booking may transfer it to a replacement person who fulfils the conditions defined by these general Terms and Conditions prior to departure. In such cases, a fee of €50 (EUR) applies.

Prior to rebooking, the following conditions apply
– In order for the company to avoid incurring any losses, the room that was originally booked must have been sold by RAPTURECAMPS to another party.
– All reebookings are subject to availability.
In all other cases the above-mentioned cancellation conditions (including fees) apply.


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