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Extras and Prices

Please notice all the extras can only be purchased locally at the surf camp.

The surf lessons can be booked from day to day, meaning you can always sign up for the lessons each night for the following day and then pay for them all together at the end of your stay.

Our surf lessons are 40€ per day and that price includes all equipment, transfers and the 2h lesson itself. The equipment can be used for the whole day without extra cost, considering the conditions allow free surfing.

Other Extras:

Surfboard rental – 20€ for foamboards, 25€ for hardboards and longboards
Surfboard insurance – 6€ per day
Wetsuit rental – 15€ per day
Massage – 40€ per session
Yoga – 15€ per session
Surf Skate Lessons – 20€ per session
BBQ (Saturday night) – €14 per person
Airport Transfer (Lisbon) -40€ PP each way.

Please notice our prices are subject to alteration without previous notice.

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